15 December 2010

Temporary Interruption to Broadcast

I thought my computer had a little problem.
(see last post re: problem uploading photos),
I thought I would have it home with me in a couple of days.
I thought I would be merrily blogging
and creating photos for Christmas cards.
I thought very wrong.
The news that it would not be returning home was alarming.
I have, I believe, found a replacement,
that doesn't completely throw the pre-Christmas budget.
I am hoping to bring my new friend home tomorrow.
I am hoping to be back blogging and playing around with my photos,
for at least a couple of days before we head south for Christmas.

Hubby has returned from an overseas trip with the laptop,
but I really don't enjoy the keyboard or lack of mouse.

I have not been idle.
Bunting orders have been taken and completed.
Santa sacks have been decorated (after only 4 years).
Award ceremonies, ballet recitals and piano recitals
have been attended (all with copious use of man size tissues).
Fairy cakes have been baked, decorated and delivered to various
end of year celebrations and festivities.
Miles of sun lotion has been swathed on little bodies for
trips to the beach and pool parties.
Christmas lights have been visited and oohed and aahed over.

I am glad to see everyone is still blogging along while I have been away.
Making a coffee to sit down and catch up a little.

Hope you are all enjoying your run up to Christmas.


PS.  I loved the BBC test card when I was little.
I wished and wished I was the girl in the circle (?!)