13 October 2012

Taste of Summer

The first week of term 4 is down. Done. Only a week and I feel like I've run a marathon.  As a a bit of a tonic I've been looking through the photos of the holidays only two weeks ago, when we a had a glimpse of summer and things to come.

Endless days of swimming and picnics, and evenings in the garden tending to new seedlings. Highly accessorised with ribbons and bows - of course.

Happy weekend.

Oh yes - and I've been playing with PicMonkey again.
WARNING:  It's addictive

03 September 2012

Not doing what I should ... and a day at the fair

I should be doing other things right now.  Bla, bla things.  Things I don't want to do.  Errands I don't want to run, tidying up rooms I don't want to tidy. Sorting a weekend and weeks worth of laundry I don't want to sort .  So I'm hanging out here for a bit, doing what I shouldn't be doing for a while.
The weekend was a whirlwind.  A mad whirlwind of piano exams, baseball games and a school fair.
The first of my close friends turned 50 and reminded me how close I am getting to that.  Half a century - that can't be ME can it?  My sailor boy went off to sea again, so Father's Day had an absentee in this house.  I was given a secret mission by the fairy on the night before he left.  So when I was sneaking out of bed in the middle of night it was because I had left the heater on, not to stash a top secret envelope in his ready for sea bag.  A happy man called from the dockside on Saturday night after finding his special messages.

I love the fair.
Our school puts on the best fair in the land.

It's the biz 
You know you've had a great day when you can't speak at the end of it (and not a drop of drink has passed your lips).  I ordered takeaway curry for dinner, which is strange as I was up at 6.30am making the biggest mofo pot of it for the curry stall.

I'm off to do the things I would pay someone to do if I had the money.


The fairy spent an hour making her mobile at Pru from Flotsam Friends Upcycling stall.

27 August 2012


 The simple things in life are the best.


After 20 years living down under, I still have to pinch myself when I can spend a Sunday like this.  And. We don't have to travel into the country to enjoy the bush.  Our local dam is just the best, the bush in the city.  We all love it.  The kids love building the fire and cooking breakfast, chased by marshmallows.  They love swimming and running and building cubbies from sticks and branches.  I love that they are happy to paddle  on boards, boats. canoes - whatever is available, endlessly.  I love that it's a taste of the Swallows and Amazons childhood that I had.  I love that they are free and wild.  I love that at the end of the day they are filthy from fun. I love that I get to sit and crochet for ages.  I love that I can chat with friends drinking endless cuppas boiled up in the billy can by willing adventurers.
Dam it!
Love that dam!


14 August 2012

Blowing in the Wind

We had the windiest wind I've ever seen in Sydney over the weekend.
And I mean WIND.
Real woolly tights and tuck your vest in your knickers stuff.
It started on Friday by blowing the roof off my son's school. I got the call just as I was about to have my pre-Coles shop sushi moment (never shop hungry people).  Off I went to collect him amidst a sea of police, fire engines and reporters, without my food shopping.  So to top off a 'no food for dinner in the house' situation we had a power failure.  Big excitement - HUGE.  Friends with no food and no power came over and we ordered pizza eaten by candlelight.  Stuff childhood is made off.   A power cut isn't a power cut without  murder in the dark and the sound of smashing things all over the house.  

I was not going anywhere on Saturday!  Him Indoors scored the double soccer whammy.
The Fairy and me hit the baking - hard.

I am completely knackered this morning, but loved the Olympic closing replay last night. 
Hmmmm - Madness.
London I love you!
Looking forward to getting to bed on time, after 2 weeks of late nights glued to the TV - (and snacks).


[Smashing things: Picture frame and tub of pencils]

09 August 2012

My Creative Space

Lily's blanket.
Neopolitan with Raspberry Sauce

It's been posted and received and is much loved.  Phew, it was one of those ones I didn't think I was going to finish.

My Creative Space has moved since I last joined in.
It's here.
There is an assignment for this week.
Tips for Creativity
Hmmmm .....
I wish I could share something clever and really useful.
The only thing I would say is,
just crack on throughout everything else.
I'm prone to procrastinate and have to push myself to just
Make A Start
and the rest seems to follow.


06 August 2012

Shooting In The Kitchen

I've been practising a lot.  Shooting photos that is.  Anywhere I can, which is usually in the kitchen, because that is where I seem to be, a lot.  And of The Fairy, because that is who I seem to be with, a lot. Now I do not live in a show home, it is an OK house, but it is not an attractive house and there is nothing I can do about it because it is not ours.  The beauty of shooting in manual learnt from Tim Coulson and Scott McGale, is that I can make the kitchen all kind of a blurrrr, so you can't even tell - love that. And don't you think the green of the Palmolive on the window sill adds a certain something?

Back to the Olympics for me.


22 July 2012


Four days back at school ...
and here we are ...


23 May 2012

Op Love

A few lovelies making my day today.
Looking forward to high tea.


14 May 2012

Tim Coulson - The Nursery

Have you heard of Tim Coulson?
I discovered him through blogland a couple of months ago and was captivated by his images.
There is something about Tim's photos that speaks from the heart.
If you are lucky enough to meet him you can see why.
Last week I wound my way down the coast to take part in Tim's first photo workshop

Tim and his beautiful wife Kesh opened their home
and hosted a wonderful day for a group of novices on how to take a good picture.
Those are mine above and obviously I've a long way to go,
but Tim has given me wings and now I feel inspired and unafraid to keep trying.

Tim is a special kind of guy.
He talked us through the emotional connection with his subjects and tips for bringing
that through into your photographs.  This is his talent and gift I believe.
Tim was generous in his advice and tips for making this happen
and I felt very honoured and excited, well totally over excited actually, just to be listening.

I've always driven a manual car, because it makes me feel more in control.
I've always taken pictures on auto, because I didn't have a clue how not to.
I'm now on manual - thank you Tim!
Not too much in control at the moment, but having fun.
We all had a fun time running around the trees taking pictures.
Tim took us on his weekly 'Belly' shoot of the lovely Kesh,
who is expecting their first child in two weeks.

What a great group of people.
Uber Cool and interesting
Click on Beth at Baby Mac
who does a much better write up
(and photos) than me.


Tim and Kesh have decided to run The Nursery around the country once
they are settled after the arrival of Baby Coulson.
If you get the chance,  jump in and book a place
before they all go.
  Watch his website for details.

If I had to sum the experience in a word?

*    JOYFUL    *


03 April 2012

Easter Treats

The Fairy has been home from school running a temperature.
Today she is on the mend and a bit restless.
We set to in the kitchen to rustle up some Easter yumminess.
If you are afraid of chocolate - look away now ...

For those interested in making some Easter Nests,
Here's a How To ...

Gather together:

3 x Shredded Wheat biscuits
375g Chocolate Buttons  
from the baking section of supermarket
(I used milk, but use dark if preferred) 
Bag of mini coated chocolate eggs (Big W)

line a cake tin with about 16 paper patty pans

I happened to have a fairy on hand today,
to melt chocolate in bowl over boiling water,
not letting the water touch the bowl

Stir until all melted

and lovely and smooth 

Scrunch up (can't think of better word)
the shredded wheats until completely broken up

 Stir shredded wheat bits through the chocolate

Scoop a heaped dessert spoon of mixture into the patty pans.
Use the back of the spoon to make a shallow well in the centre
forming a nest shape

While the chocolate is still wet, pop a few mini eggs into each nest.
The Fairy did this as she went along, and the eggs are firmly stuck in
the nest now the chocolate is set.

The obvious

Leave to set.
Ours were set in an hour out of the fridge in Sydney.
Further north may need to be popped in the fridge. 

Leave in easy to spot place
for admiring Oooos and Aaaaahs

Eat & Enjoy!


08 March 2012

My Creative Space

I'm a Great Godmother!
Little Lily has arrived in the world
and now I feel very old, but very excited.
My God Daughter was backpacking a couple of years ago
and guess what?! ...
Met a true blue Aussie in Noosa and hasn't left.
Happens to the best of us!

Even though this little pram blanket won't get too much use up there
in Queensland, it will be handy for chillier evening or early morning pram walks.

For the first time ever, I have planned this one.
I'd forgotten how much I love colouring in,
taking advantage of The Fairy's extensive felt tip collection.
For the last baby blanket I used the Random Strip Generator,
which was most excellent,
but ended up changing a few things as I went along.
On this one, I don't want the brown side by side with the plum,
which will be the least used colour.

Hoping to get cracking on some little singlets for Lily too.

Sharing here.


01 March 2012

My Creative Space

The Fairy needed a new music bag to take to piano class.
On a thrift mission, I rifled through existing stocks of
doilies, hankies and fabric given to me by MIL.
The Fairy is delighted with the result
and can't wait to show her piano teacher next week.

If you are wanting to share your creative skills this week
pop here.

Always fun to have a look and be inspired.


28 February 2012


We have new family members.

Meet Bruce and Boris
(could be Brucette and Borissa in the future).

Mr T has been a reptile licence holder for some years now,
minus the reptiles.

I honestly thought the lure had left him,
but he arrived home with these at the weekend.
He has saved up and bought a comfy tank and homely
reptile accessories for his little treasures.

I feel like a bit of a mother hen and have been checking them
constantly throughout the day while he is at school.
On an ironic note, it is not unusual for us to find relatives of these guys
wandering our yard and perimeters on a regular basis.
He loves them - what can I say?

Hope you are all having a wonderful week out there.

16 February 2012

My Creative Space

It's been a while since I joined in
I have not been idle.

A thrifted stool has been covered (not yet painted white)
and a blanket made for a new baby boy neighbour.
I struggled with the colours on this one,
but am so happy with the finished blanket.
I resisted the brown, but love the vintage flavour now it's
all mixed in, giving it a life span beyond babyhood.

The stool cover usually gets worn by one child or another at the kitchen
table and I have received requests for "actual hats".
If one of them paints the stool for me, I'll think about it.

The Fairy has been busy too.  Last weekend we brought a fruit box home
and she has been busy making a house for visiting fairies.

A wash station has been set up on top, to avoid splashes onto the bedding.
Soap has been provided (where did she get that?!)
In a separate tissue box annexe, waits a feast of quail eggs
and fruit shakes for any hungry visiting fairies .

The Fairy went back to school wearing lace ups.
Back to school means back to piano, ballet, basketball and saxophone and
more crochet whilst waiting.
The baby blanket was done in a week.
What to do next?

Happy Creating.


01 February 2012


I haven't been here.

Because I've been here ...

Doing lots of this ...

and this

and a little bit of this

Happy 2012 to you all!