26 August 2010

My Creative Space

I'm running late with this today.  Hubby was working from home for the morning, before going into Miss O's class for Maths Group.  The computer was completely hijacked, so I had to do laundry and general tidying up instead.
This week I have managed to finish (bar tying in the loose threads) the crochet dolls blanket.  I got a bit carried away and decided to work a border into it.  To say I am completely thrilled with the end result, would be an understatement.  I am gobsmacked a) that I finished something b) that it looks good (to me).
Drum Roll moment .... 
 On the knitting front ...
A frenzy of knitting patches.  Last weekend we spent a day with friends catching up.  "Do you mind if I knit?" I asked as I sat down.  A peel of laughter ensued ha ha - 3 hours later and cupboards are being pulled apart looking for those knitting needles and odd balls of wool.  To keep my interest level high - as I am prone to drift - I put a 'what it might look like' together.  I'm liking it.  This is going to be a knee throw, so there isn't a great deal more knitting now.

 I managed to also FINISH (loving that word today) the paper garland
for my new little great nephew.
So sweet.

My neighbour had a baby girl yesterday.  I think she will be home today.
Labour has been stopping and starting for the past week.
Looking after a two year old was exhausting.  I was in bed by 9.00pm last night.
Being a night owl, this was out of the ordinary for me.
I will start on a couple of little singlets for the new arrival today.

Time to pop into Kootoyoo to see everyone else.

19 August 2010

My Creative Space

This week has been full of sewing and crochet.  I set up the camp table in the corner of the kitchen to allow me to leave my sewing machine out.  This way I can carry on where I left off around all the catering, eating, homework etc that happens ordinarily on the kitchen table.  A few of you were curious to know what I would do with the crochet flowers.  I am making a garland for my niece in London.  That's started, but still a work in progress.
Miss O has a dress up day tomorrow. They have a parade dressed as a helper in the community. She wants to be a nurse. I know we could have put something together a la 'Scrubs' in blue or green, but my nostalgic self set about making an old fashioned nurses pinafore. Just have to try and figure out how to make a little hat today. 

My family in England has welcomed a brand spanking new great step-nephew. I am putting a little bundle together to send over. Yesterday I appliqued these baby singlets with some of my favourite Japanese fabrics. My lovely friend Chelle, from Curly Music Box Co is also making up a special order music box too. I started crocheting a dolls blanket for Miss O at the weekend. It is coming together surprisingly quickly. I will save a photo for next week. I thought about making one for new nephew, but the postage cost would be over the top. I might make a little garland to finish off the bundle.

Hoping you have all enjoyed your creative weeks and here's to the next one.
Off to Kootoyoo to see who's been making what.
Happy Thursday!

PS.  My neighbour has just gone into labour - very exciting.  But I might not be around for a few days as I think I may be looking after their 2 year old.  Her mother-in-law is now not coming down from Queensland.  Fun Fun.

18 August 2010


Miss O was so taken with the reaction to her cake on my birthday posting.
As a thank you she took these pictures for my blog to share with you.
This is her doll received from Father Christmas last year,
named after Miss O as the resemblance is overwhelming (although now her hair is longer and she flatly refuses to get another bob cut, not so much so).
The shoes are her favourite red party shoes.
She styled the shoot by herself,
and took the photos on her Little Tikes kids camera.
Her 7th birthday is a few weeks away
and I think she is ready to move onto a more grown up camera.
I have started looking and have found a little Samsung
that's reasonably priced and will be easy enough for her to use.

In the mornings Miss O disappears when she is supposed to be putting on shoes, jacket and getting out the door.  I usually find her behind the couch in her little corner creating something or other. How can I be cross when I find little love notes like this in my pocket after I drop her at school.
My sweet little girl.  Love her to bits.

16 August 2010

Berrima: Part 3

Yes, there's more!
The China Room
Wall to wall, floor to ceiling dinnerware, cups, saucers, platters, everything!
I bought a very old platter from with a French label, but made in England.
I could have gone crazy, but exercised restraint and am very happy with my purchase.

12 August 2010

My Creative Space

How quickly did Thursday come around again?!
This week I decided to learn something I have wanted to learn how to do for a long time.  Something that has just been sitting at the back of mind in the "I'd like to do that" box.  Having the wonderful tools of Google and You Tube at my disposal, I found a tutorial on how to make these little crochet flowers.
This one was really easy to follow.
I am a bit obsessed now and the house is covered in five petal crocheted flowers.

 I'm off  to Kootoyoo to see who else is joining in today.

09 August 2010

Bake Me Happy

My son was away with his school for a ski trip last week.  By the end of the week I had a rapidly ripening bunch of bananas in his absence.  My fail safe solution to too many bananas is banana bread.
Here is a recipe a girlfriend shared with me at the beach one day after school a few years ago.  She always comes laden with beautiful home baked goodies for afternoon tea.  This is very easy and tastes delicious.

Banana Bread Recipe
125g Unsalted butter
¾ cup Caster sugar
2 Eggs
3 Medium ripe bananas
1 tsp Vanilla essence
¼ cup Milk
½ tsp Bicarbonate of soda
2 cups Self raising flour

Lemon Icing
125g Light cream cheese
2 cups Icing sugar

2tbsp Lemon peel

1. Heat oven to 180oC
2. Grease and flour loaf tin or 20cm cake tin
3. Beat butter and sugar in a small bowl with electric mixer until light and fluffly
4. Add eggs
5. Stir in bananas and vanilla – the mixture will look curdled
6. Combine milk and bicarbonate of soda in small jug
7. Fold flour and milk into mixture
8. Spoon into cake or loaf pan
9. Cook on 180OC for 40 minutes

1. Beat cheese until light and fluffy
2. Add icing sugar and lemon peel
3. Spread mixture over top of banana bread

The icing is yummy.  I didn't make it for the cake in the picture as I was cutting, wrapping and freezing individual slices ready to throw into lunch boxes for school morning teas.

05 August 2010

My Creative Space

Can I learn to knit? asked my Miss O.  Well, maybe we can do that together. I replied.
I give you the fruits of our efforts.
We have been using A Ladybird Book about Knitting, which was in the box set I found a couple of months ago.
We are only up to the garter stitch, deciding to become masters of this before moving on.  I am a fan of the texture of this stitch, so am happy with the decision.
Miss O has opted to make a scarf of a multicoloured nature.
I am working on a patchwork, probably knee throw.  I have now used all my one ball of grey wool I purchased for practise.  I am very proud of my pile of squares.  My skills will never reach the heights of this novice knitter.  I am in awe of her ability.  However, I did achieve the incredible skill of watching a bit of television whilst knitting - true granny style!
The challenge for me will be pattern reading.  To be completely honest, it looks like a maths problem to me.  I am hopelessly BAD at maths.  I'm hoping that my plan to take this in small steps and learn alongside my 6 year old will stand me in good stead.

With this post I am joining in  Kootoyoo found through the lovely m.e.

Happy Thursday to you all!