20 July 2010

Berrima : Part 2

The Quilt Room
This is not the official name, just my name for it.
Still in Peppergreen Antiques.  I did say this was a huge store packed to the rafters.
I was in there a long time.
  Floor to ceiling quilts and linen.  All are lovingly pressed and folded.  As I dally in this room I wonder at the tales these quilts could tell.
My candlewick shots are out of focus, I was shaking with excitement.
Candlewick instills a sense of nostalgia like no other fabric for me.

15 July 2010

Wet Weekend

Last weekend we went up to the Central Coast en famile to watch Mr T participate in a baseball tournament.  It rained.  A lot.  I felt like I was at Glastonbury - minus the music.  Fortunately there was a Bunnings down the road from the motel, so first chore was to pay a visit and pick up this pair of industrial duty wellies.  This was a good call.
Watching my eldest stride across the field in his own world, made my heart skip a beat.  I actually felt like it had jumped out of my body was striding across the field with him.

12 July 2010

Berrima : Part One

For an incredibly sad reason, hubby and myself left the children with visiting grandparents, and had a couple of child free days last week.  One of which we spent having a quiet time in Berrima, about 2 hours south of Sydney.
I first visited Berrima 13 years ago when pregnant with my son. 
I remember spending hours mooching through this antique emporium.
Over the years we've pulled into Berrima for breakfasts and morning teas, whilst travelling south, but I have never had the opportunity to browse at my leisure, until last week.
The ladies were so helpful and lovely.  I came upon them sitting in a row, having a chat about Masterchef, supping their hot soup for lunch.
The whole building is bursting at the seams with old wares.  It quite takes my breath away.
I was on a mission to find a glass cake stand - more of that in another post.  The lovely ladies gave me a stool to sort through the shelves of glassware.  I found my cake stand and a few other goodies too.
I had such fun taking photos, but there are so many I will have to spread them over a few posts, to give you a true flavour of the store.
Watch this space.

01 July 2010

Pink & Green Thursday: Chilly

Today I am playing along with
Pink & Green Thursday,
that I have come across through

In keeping with our chilly week,
I have made more ice-cream,
this time Chocolate Chip Mint - delicious.