29 July 2010

Ducks At Dawn

These little guys were out early in Berrima.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha they're cute! I should show this to my son, he'll squeal: they're wearing boots?!

m.e (Cathie) said...

love the boots.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Carmel,
Thanks so much for popping over to see me. You really must try and go to Rye. It is such a lovely place.
Have a wonderful weekend. XXXX

koralee said...

Ha ha..so sweet..I love them..happy day to you xoxo

Wild and Precious said...

love those.. so fun with those cute shoes!!

just found your blog -- simply lovely!!
hope you'll swing by mine...


its simple love said...

ha ha cute! I love polaroids. They capture moments like no others.


Cornflake said...

Awww cute and a little surreal with their boots which is really cool!

I know the wind was crazy yesterday, thankfully it's calmed a lot and so far tonight, so good :-)