23 September 2010

London Love

I've unexpectedly found myself back in London for a few weeks.
My old Dad has not been well and needs a bit of a hand.
That wonderful hubby of mine booked me a ticket and sent me on
my way.  Meanwhile he is holding the fort, managing to work from home,
and keep on top of the laundry and catering.
My Dad's computer is something of a dinosaur,
so I shan't be posting more than the odd post whilst here.
My faithful camera is going everywhere with me, so I shall
save some shots for when I'm back in Sydney.
Below are beetroots we picked from my sister's allotment
(a British institution) on Sunday.
Today my sister and I had lunch at the Petersham Nursery,
a favourite cyber visit of Shannon Fricke.
We used to go there on Sunday afternoons in our younger days.
We did a wee bit of star spotting - the very pretty lady
from Ashes to Ashes was having coffee there too.
I shall return to posting when I can.
In the meantime my lovely readers are not forgotten,
and I am able to keep up with you all.
Uploading photos is just an incredibly S...L...O...W
Cheers from 'Ol Blighty

14 September 2010

Fun & Games

Good old fashioned party games.
Just a taste of the fun.

The tootsies in the water is
a competition to get as many marbles in your team bucket,
picking them out with your toes,
in a minute.

I've been having a bit of fun myself
with Picnik,
introduced to me by m.e.


13 September 2010

Party & Cupcakes

THE party was a raging success.
Above is one of the towering cupcakes created.
There was a lot of icing.  A lot of debris.
A lot of laughter, noise and screaming.
There was a lot of F.U.N.
which makes it all worth it.

10 September 2010

It's party frenzy here today.
Just boiling up two huge pots for cooking spaghetti.
Miss O has requested her guests play
finding the plastic snake in the bucket of spaghetti game.
Her brother had this at his last party.
I have bought novelty bracelets and rings for them to fish out.
There will be a bucket of warm soapy water on hand
for rinsing off little girls and jewellery.
A batch of cupcakes has just gone in the oven
for the decorating your own cupcake table.
Miss O doesn't ask for a much!!!

Next on the list:
wrap the pass the parcel
visit neighbours and ask to borrow garden furniture (we are already borrowing a carport)
labels for water bottles
cover strawberries in chocolate
make up jelly cups
finish doilie garlands
get 12 year old son to make up playlist for ipod
Make a list for morning chores

Have good weekends everybody

09 September 2010

Event Planning

The event of the year is fast approaching.
Miss O celebrates her 7th birthday next week.
The party is on Saturday.
Guess what I'm spending the next two days doing.
This year she has 18 guests, I'm not sure how that happened.
I thought we had sent out 12 invites, but apparently not.
A trip to the $2 shop in the morning to get extra packs of party favours.

07 September 2010

More Finished Things

Another 'finished' item.Or rather 2 finished items.
The singlets for the new baby next door.
Finished. Card made. Wrapped and delivered.
Aaah. So sweet. She's so tiny.

05 September 2010

All The Fun of the Fair

These are the cupcakes I made for the fair.  We still don't have the tally, but I do know the curry stall raised over $2,500, which is phenomenal.  The mother who organised that one deserves a round of applause - it's a huge task.
Meet Vanessa.
Miss O had $20 saved to spend at the fair.  I bought them both the prepaid armbands for the rides, but anything else had to be paid from their own money.
I tried to talk a usually very prudent Miss O out of buying tickets for the toy stall
a) because proceeds did not go to the school but to ride operators
b) because I did not want a 2 foot soft toy in our tiny house
What do you know, we have a new family member.  This is Vanessa keeping a flailing Miss O company on Friday evening after a busy day at athletics carnival and afternoon at the local McDonalds for the after party.
Miss O wondering if she's won a ribbon for that one.
(She didn't win any - but gave it her best shot)
Her outfit is her own interpretation of 'sports wear'.
There is a lot of grey in her wardrobe,
planted by me,
so there is not too much choice there

02 September 2010

My Creative Space

Terribly late today.  I've been possessed by migraine for 2 days and have only just surfaced.  As you can imagine not much has been created in that time.  The weekend was totally taken over with our school spring fair, the major fundraiser of the year.  On Saturday I cooked a pot of veggie curry big enough to feed a small village and made cupcakes anyone under the age of 8 could not pass on.
We are still waiting on the final tally, but I think it was all worth the effort.  My two had a super dooper day and fell into bed exhausted, as did I.  My Mr CC came and helped set up the lolly stall, but missed out on all the fun as he flew out to Perth at lunchtime for work.

Today I've just been looking at my vintage sheet collection, which I am slowly building.  A bit of contemplating went on.  I think I need a few more to add to the mix, before I start making a summer quilt for Miss O.  Our local Spotlight now stocks candlewick in the quilting section, so I have this piece ready to go.  I will use this as backing and no filling.  My Miss O is a bit of a nordic creature, and doesn't like heavy bedding.

 I picked up this tablecloth on my trip to Berrima last month, with the intention of cutting it into patches for quilts.  After I washed it and it came up beautiful and sparkly, I decided that it is going to be our outdoor tablecloth this year.  It really would be criminal to cut it up.

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