03 September 2012

Not doing what I should ... and a day at the fair

I should be doing other things right now.  Bla, bla things.  Things I don't want to do.  Errands I don't want to run, tidying up rooms I don't want to tidy. Sorting a weekend and weeks worth of laundry I don't want to sort .  So I'm hanging out here for a bit, doing what I shouldn't be doing for a while.
The weekend was a whirlwind.  A mad whirlwind of piano exams, baseball games and a school fair.
The first of my close friends turned 50 and reminded me how close I am getting to that.  Half a century - that can't be ME can it?  My sailor boy went off to sea again, so Father's Day had an absentee in this house.  I was given a secret mission by the fairy on the night before he left.  So when I was sneaking out of bed in the middle of night it was because I had left the heater on, not to stash a top secret envelope in his ready for sea bag.  A happy man called from the dockside on Saturday night after finding his special messages.

I love the fair.
Our school puts on the best fair in the land.

It's the biz 
You know you've had a great day when you can't speak at the end of it (and not a drop of drink has passed your lips).  I ordered takeaway curry for dinner, which is strange as I was up at 6.30am making the biggest mofo pot of it for the curry stall.

I'm off to do the things I would pay someone to do if I had the money.


The fairy spent an hour making her mobile at Pru from Flotsam Friends Upcycling stall.