29 June 2010


Despite the cold weather, my two are very happy to have homemade strawberry sorbet.  I've made two batches in the last three days. 
I bought this little glass and its partner on a little mooch around a local charity shop last Friday.  A bit of a soak and a run through the dishwasher and they came up good as new.

17 June 2010

It's Good to Talk

It's taken all term, but I finally had a catch up and a coffee with
Pru of Flotsam Friends yesterday. 
Pru has recently purchased a new camera, so we played around and talked shots and depth of field.

14 June 2010

Happy Friday

I don't often get to spend time with my boy, not without being on the way to somewhere or having to be doing something like homework, or some sort of chore.  Friday was a pupil free day, plus his godfather was in town.  On a beautiful but brisk winter's day, we took in the sights of Manly and had a long lunch before rushing to pick up Miss O from school.
These feel like precious times.

12 June 2010


Last week I had to take my Mr T to a specialist appointment in Northbridge.  I don't venture that way often, it is usually to pay a visit to Tokyo Mart, the Japanese supermarket.  I didn't need to buy any Japanese groceries that particular day, but did pick up a pair of red spotty pot holders for a minimal price and I am very happy with that.

Next door is a childrens' shop and I found this reproduction set of Ladybird books.  I grew up on these.  As the box is shop handled and dog eared, I picked them up for less than half price.  The shop featured in 'IN A BIG STORE' is Bentalls in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.  My family used to go here to make purchases for the home when I was a child, it was a big day out.  I had my ears pierced there when I was 13. It is now a shopping centre with all the high street chains in an atrium space.  There is still a little bit of Bentalls at one end of the building.  I still love a shopping trip to Kingston when I go to England.

Today I partook in a Japanese cooking class at my son's school.  It was a fundraising event organised by the Japanese teacher, to raise funds for an upcoming Year 9 trip to Japan.  We cooked five delicious dishes, tutored by a Japanese friend of the tutor.  I took my camera along, but it was all put onto tables and devoured before I could take any shots.  I will be heading back to Tokyo Mart this week to pick up some ingredients for a Japanese cooking storm at home.

09 June 2010

It's Been Too Long ...

since I baked bread.
With this thought in my sleepless head, I was in the kitchen at 1.00am on Sunday morning measuring out the flour ready to add water & yeast.  I would have started making the dough, but I use my Kitchenaid and that really would have been a smidgen too loud at that hour.
My munchkins were very excited to have fresh bread for morning tea.
They will not eat any other bread except homemade in virgin bread state, meaning not toasted.  It's a very satisfying feeling, putting something home baked in front of them that gets demolished.  Miss O made her own heart shaped roll with a dough off cut.  She proudly packed it in her bicycle basket on her afternoon ride through the park.

06 June 2010

Delighted with Doilies

These are my new doilies from Friday's roam around some of the local charity shops.  I was so happy when the old lady saw me searching through the pile and said "Don't worry too much about the tags, I'll do you a good price for a bundle."  She took a glance at this lot and asked for $10.00.

My Kewpie dolls invited some friends along for the shoot.

04 June 2010

Giveway from Cornflake

I've been following this lovely blog by Anna for a few weeks now.  She very excited to have reached 100 followers and is celebrating with a Giveaway.  Click here on Cornflake to see how to enter.

Another rainy, actually completely and utterly rainy day in Sydney.  What's a girl to do?  Head to the charity shops of course.  Will post photos of my purchases tomorrow.  Miss O is hosting a playdate this afternoon.  Due to the constant downpour they are in the house, so I'm unable to concentrate on anything too technical.

Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday = Maths

Each Thursday after recess I make my way
to Miss O's classroom,
refreshed with coffee,
I take a deep breath
and enter the chamber of
hexagons, symmetry and all other
mathematical conundrums.
This is my opportunity to step
into her world for 40 minutes.
Once over, I can exhale and walk
away, knowing that it's all over
for another week and the teacher
has them all to herself for the
rest of the day.

03 June 2010

Yesterday ...

Was spent like this...
with a hum dinger of a migraine.
Fortunately I was able to call on two wonderful mums
who came to the rescue for school drop off and pickup
and threw tea, shower and PJ's in for Miss O to boot.
I am so thankful.

01 June 2010

Tuck Shop Day

Once a month I volunteer at the school tuckshop.
My daughter loves to come and see me at recess and lunch,
clutching the coins I have given her earlier,
in her sweaty little palms.
This is not a task for the faint hearted.
Confidence comes in bundles in this school.
For those of you unfamiliar with the inner sanctum of the school tuckshop ... I give you the apple slinkly.  The average life span of one of these contraptions is one recess.
Today I announced my withdrawal from the slinky roster.
The pressure of trying to operate this thing, producing a perfectly slinkyfied apple, whilst being watched with impatience and scrutiny by the two foot tall slinky orderer is too much for my blood pressure.