29 May 2010

Rainy Days, Red Jelly & Dancing

Another rainy day in Sydney. Miss O and I are cheering ourselves up watching a bit of dancing and making red jelly. Australia makes the best kitsch films. Strictly Ballroom was out when I first arrived in Australia in 1992. I went to the pictures 3 times to watch it.

27 May 2010

Magical Book Moments...

I am still working on that 'little something' for Miss O.
This is one of the book pages I have used.
The colours sing out to me
along with the rhyme.

25 May 2010

New York - Following Your Dream

Last year I fulfilled a lifetime's ambition to visit
New York City.
It was my fourth attempt, and this time I made it!
I stayed in a cool apartment in the East Village and wore out my boots and feet, pounding the pavements with my camera for four blissful child free days. I was upstate with relatives for Halloween, but these decorations were still up in the Village the following week. 
Yellow cabs; one of the icons of the city.
I never caught one. Walking or catching the subway
was the best way to feel the city.
Everybody was so helpful and friendly, I was blown away.
I wanted to step into this window display
at Moschino in the Meatpacking District.

21 May 2010

Five Faves - Meet Me At Mikes

Pip of Meet Me At Mikes has invited fellow bloggers to share Five Favourites.  Mine are in no particular order and are not my top five.  I have lots and lots of favourite things.

1. Fresh coffee in the morning, made in one of my Bialetti stove top coffee makers. Lavazza coffee is the one I always come back to.

2.  My Kitchenaid - yes there is a bit of a pink theme going on here.
3. Red Shoes - these should come under the general banner of
Shoes & Handbags.
But I do particularly love these ones.
4.  Anything by my children:
art, a sigh, a tear, a giggle,
a goal, a home run, a smile, a cake, a pirouette ...
5. Tulle and other fluffy things (including pom poms)
My Goodness I had so much fun taking the pictures for this!
I didn't realise Miss O was the owner of quite so much fluffiness.
A Totally Tulle entry might be appropriate for all the pictures I took.

16 May 2010

Sunday: Market Day

A beautiful autumn day.
Whilst Miss O was busy whooping it up at a party,
 Mr CC and I seized the opportunity
and dashed down the road to the
Berry Reserve Markets at Narrabeen.

We came across Mia Breakspear of
Avery & Olive
selling her delightful handmade jewellery

Mia is currently putting a website together.
In the meantime:

13 May 2010

On the way home from the shops today ...

Just had to stop and catch these.

The coolest day in months for Sydney. My boots were dragged from the bottom of the cupboard for school drop off this morning, and my jacket from the depths of the closet. Our local tidal pool was looking serene and pristine. The icons of Sydney's Northern Beaches enjoy a well earned break from the masses during winter, just the die-hard all year swimmers are spotted throughout the cool months.

11 May 2010


I had a lovely day today, working on a little something for Miss O. During the process I went through our book collection. Aaahh nostalgia ... one of my favourite books as a child was Heidi. This is my original copy, which I brought back from London with me on my last trip. Back in those days I apparently lived at 57 Licnen Anenu. Funny I could have sworn it was Lincoln Avenue, but who am I to argue with my 6 year old self (yes I dated it too - no one else was ever getting this book).

10 May 2010

Red Shoes and Parties

Here's Miss O, resplendent in her party glory. Saturday was a back to back party day. Saturday evening bedtime was a disaster. Red shoes are amongst my most favourite of things. I used to dream of red shoes as a child, waking up disappointed once I realised they were not in my waking world. The red shoes on the cover of Tessa Kiros' Apples for Jam were more than I could walk past, without purchasing a copy.

The dress was a Christmas present from my Dad when he visited at Christmas. I love her in it. The shoes were also a present from my Dad when we visited London. He took her to Bally. I suggested he might take me to Bally for a pair of flats too. We ended up in Primark. I do possess the cutest pair of black flats and faux fur mini swing jacket to die for, from that little trip. I am waiting patiently for a touch of winter in Sydney to wear it.