21 May 2010

Five Faves - Meet Me At Mikes

Pip of Meet Me At Mikes has invited fellow bloggers to share Five Favourites.  Mine are in no particular order and are not my top five.  I have lots and lots of favourite things.

1. Fresh coffee in the morning, made in one of my Bialetti stove top coffee makers. Lavazza coffee is the one I always come back to.

2.  My Kitchenaid - yes there is a bit of a pink theme going on here.
3. Red Shoes - these should come under the general banner of
Shoes & Handbags.
But I do particularly love these ones.
4.  Anything by my children:
art, a sigh, a tear, a giggle,
a goal, a home run, a smile, a cake, a pirouette ...
5. Tulle and other fluffy things (including pom poms)
My Goodness I had so much fun taking the pictures for this!
I didn't realise Miss O was the owner of quite so much fluffiness.
A Totally Tulle entry might be appropriate for all the pictures I took.

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Punctuation Mark said...

very cute post! have a great week!