05 August 2011



After a bit of a break in the kitchen,
(too busy watching Masterchef to actually cook),
I was forced to action some cupcakes today.
Year 2 Cake Sale Today.

Do you qualify as a bad mummy
if you enjoy baking without your offspring around?
The pinnacle moment for me is licking the spoon.
Is it such a bad, wicked thing to want to do that myself
every once in a while?
Cake sale is starts in 40 minutes,
just enough time to clean evidence off my face
and bundle cakes up.

Happy Weekend

Sat AM: $1000 dollars raised at cake sale - woo hoo!

03 August 2011

Washing Up Wednesday

Meet my washing up companion.
This rather shocked looking little creature
brings a smile to my face,
whilst engaged on one of my least
favourite occupations at the kitchen sink.
Having managed to grow a beard,
he gets treated to a daily trip to the barbers.
I love that this makes me happy.

Life is coming back to normal here.
The no longer sick boy has returned full time to school.
The pushed aside girl is back in the middle of it,
and happy.
All is well.