29 April 2011

Bunting & Bubbly

I am neither royalist nor anti-royalist,
but I do LURVE a royal event
particularly a wedding.
Preparations going on here today for our Pommie street party tomorrow.

Menu includes:
chipolatas on a stick
sausage rolls
cheese and pineapple on a stick - stuck on grapefruit
cucumber sandwiches (crust cut off)
egg and cress sandwiches

Games include:
Pin the crown on Kate
Make your own crown

Dress Code:
Wedding attire or something British
I've dug out some curlers and a headscarf for Hilda Ogden

Bubbles are in the fridge ready for this evening.
We are heading down to English friends
to cook a roast with all the trimmings,
followed by a Bread & Butter Pudding.
To be consumed on the verandah whilst watching the live stream
via a projector onto the shade cloth.
All very exciting.

What are you up to.

Whatever you are doing - have a super time.

Good Luck to Will & Kate


25 April 2011

Lest We Forget

We flew in on the overnight flight from Darwin,
landing in Sydney at 6.30am this morning.
A quiet Anzac Day for us this year.
I dedicate this post to all those who have fought
for us to live the life we live.
For all the lives lost I shed a tear,
it is always poignant day.
Usually we would attend a service or march,
but it wasn't going to happen today.
We live with our very own digger.
I especially dedicate this to my brave husband
who has seen active service and still stands tall.

This photo was taken last year.
The Fairy with her Da as he gets ready to march through Sydney.

We are so proud of you
and lucky to have you back safe with us.

To all those souls who did not make it home;
a tear and a prayer.


13 April 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Easter Holidays are here - woo hoo!
We are busy packing to head off to the Top End.
There is stuff everywhere and we leave in 2 hours.
I am confident it will all come together.

I bought some cheap wool at Big W the other day to work on
a granny square blanket on the plane.
Whilst in the queue a lady commented that seeing
people buying wool makes her want to knit.
I mentioned on-line tutorials on You-Tube
and the conversation came around to blogging.
Oh Carmel's Closet - I read you!
Said the lovely Meg Smith.

[Meg, please tell Nadia to click on the facebook
link on the right side of my blog to go through to
Lucy, my friend who teaches knitting locally.
Also if you email me I will send you details of our
knitting (& crochet club) which meets once a fortnight.]

We will arrive in Darwin tonight.
The forecast is for hot and sticky.
The intention is that kids and I are all day in the pool tomorrow,
while him what works goes to work.
We head off to Kakadu for a few days in the middle.
What are you up to for Easter?

I couldn't resist starting the granny blanket the other evening.
I've been wanting to try for ages and I'm loving how
quickly it is coming together.

Happy Easter!

09 April 2011

Glue Guns & Recitals

I love glue guns.
And now so does The Fairy.
Last week I missed her Easter Bonnet Piano Recital,
due to the dreaded migraine,
but we had fun putting her bonnet together.
I was the glue gunner, gunning where instructed
and The Fairy was designer and constructor.
There was a pointing finger caught in the crossfire
at one stage, but it was taken with a brave face
and overcome by the determination to finish.
Hubby was able to take her to the event,
and had tears in his eyes.
Oh well next time.

Happy Weekend.

02 April 2011

Still Here & A Sneek Peek

I am still here
I promise.
Yet again download speed has crashed to a minimum.
Him indoors has just upgraded our plan,
which should start next week.
I may not have been on line,
but I have been very occupied.
See the 'sneek peek' above.
I've been having lots of fun.
Up until Thursday when a colossal migraine hit.
The kids know its bad when they are given golden arches
takeaway for dinner.
The man is back for 24 hours between trips and saved the day.
I've just surfaced for half and hour, but am heading back to bed.

Hope it's Happy Saturdays out there for everybody.