02 April 2011

Still Here & A Sneek Peek

I am still here
I promise.
Yet again download speed has crashed to a minimum.
Him indoors has just upgraded our plan,
which should start next week.
I may not have been on line,
but I have been very occupied.
See the 'sneek peek' above.
I've been having lots of fun.
Up until Thursday when a colossal migraine hit.
The kids know its bad when they are given golden arches
takeaway for dinner.
The man is back for 24 hours between trips and saved the day.
I've just surfaced for half and hour, but am heading back to bed.

Hope it's Happy Saturdays out there for everybody.



Raine and Sage said...

So sorry Carmel to hear of your migraines. I know the delibitating effect they have on people, and to have to still try and function with a family is too unbearable to imagine.
Hope you're feeling better soon and get plenty of rest.
Your sneak peak has me curious!! It's a cute picture. x

Kate said...

The sneak peek is intriguing.
I hope you are feeling better by now. My farmer boy gets a migraine here and there and gosh it is awful.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I hope your migraine is gone!! Those are so terrible and seem to ruin everything. Have a great week!

Mike said...

I feel for you. I use to get really bad headaches. Hang in there things will turn around. I hope by now you don't have headaches anymore.