23 June 2011

My Creative Space

It's been Granny Central around here recently.
When I was pregnant with The Fairy I attempted
The Granny  Square.
What I ended up with, couldn't have been less square.
It's taken me a long time to go back there,
and now I just can't stop.
The cushion started out as a project for the
plane journey to Darwin.
The Fairy is completely delighted with the new
addition to her bedroom.
Having completed this,
and loving the colours so much,
I started a blanket for each niece in London.
One is finished - Hooray.
I joined the squares on the last round of each square
and made it up as I went along.
It looks a bit strange I know,
but there's nothing like a bit of texture
and I've learnt how to do it more neatly in future
through the process.
Shipping to London for Christmas is the end of September.
I am determined not to sink into a lull of false security,
and am on a mission to get the second one finished ASAP.

I'm love, love, loving the Granny Square!
Woo Hoo.

I've tried all the suggestions to try and put my inability to leave comments on blogger problem right.
Nothing has worked and I still unable to leave comments on blogs that do not have a separate pop up box for comments, but an embedded comments section on post.
Apologies in advance for all the comments I will not be leaving today.
Be assured I love flitting around and visiting all the creations happening out there.

You can click here to see them for yourself.


15 June 2011

A Spot of Opping

What's a girl to do when it's pouring rain, windy and cold and she's broke?
Head to the nearest charity shop and have a good sort through.
I'm really  happy with these finds.
It's always great to spot sheets in the original packaging.
These cost $15, which is more than I would normally spend,
but they are in such good condition.  I'm hoping I will be able to
remove all the sticky from the label stuck directly onto the fabric.

The round tablecloth caught my eye from the bottom of a pile.
It reminds me of tableware in the alp region of Italy.
It will be perfect for summer dining on our outdoor table
(which seems like a lifetime away today).
This weather calls for some casserole action.
I've pulled a lamb and green bean casserole recipe
out of Tessa Kiros' Apples for Jam
and we'll all be cosy and warm for dinner tonight.

To all  my fellow bloggers out there who have not heard from me...
I still cannot leave comments on most of my regular blog reads.
This has left me feeling most despondent about the whole blog thing
as that is half the fun.
For this reason I have begun shying away from even posting
as the joy has been diminished and the frustration
I feel  when trying to post comment permeates my day and robs my peace.
Blogger is showing this problem as a fixed issue,
I'm at a cross roads:
Do I carry on with blogger and rise above it
Change blog platform
Just give in and bow out

I'm off to start the casserole