15 March 2011


This week has seen a trip to the library.
And a bit of experimentation with the bobble stitch.
This was going to be another knee throw for the couch.
It seems that the bobble stitch
has thrown in an unintentional sort of gather thing.
Which makes a blanket a sort of a funny shape.
Well a whole lot of a funny shape really.
What is to be done?


... A skirt
I have decided, yes, that this will be a wrap around skirt.
It will have red buttons and a kilt pin.
It will be worn on the one winter's day that visits Sydney.
It will be worn with woolly grey tights and my long chunky Jigsaw boots,
that came back with my from London 7 years ago,
and are just not wearing out from the 10 days a year wear they get.

It's going to take a bit more than a few library books
until I'm making these garments ...

Ferragamo and Burberry featured in this month's In Style.
My sister's neighbour was over from London and staying nearby.
We hooked up for coffee and a chat about the homeland.
She off loaded already flicked through mag to me.
I never buy them, but always have an eager looksie.

Hope all is well in Blogland.

07 March 2011

Postman's Knock

I love being able to communicate in an instant with computers.
However, I do miss lovely letters in the post.
These days the only thing delivered in the post box are bills.
With our on-line lifestyle comes on-line shopping, which I also love.
The best thing about on-line shopping is the delivery.

The postman left this package on my doorstep the other morning.


It arrived only 3 days after I tip tapped the order on my keyboard.

My son put in an request for a crochet blanket last year.
I've finally gotten round to at least buying the yarn.
He is a keen Miami Dolphin grid iron fan -
guess why I choose these colours.

This will take the best part of winter,
as I plan to make a full size single blanket
(am I crazy?!)
Just planning the stripe combo and intend to start at the weekend.
Wish me luck.


05 March 2011

Local Loverlies

When I'm feeling a bit
These castings on a local beach walk
always make me happy.

Happy Weekend