27 August 2012


 The simple things in life are the best.


After 20 years living down under, I still have to pinch myself when I can spend a Sunday like this.  And. We don't have to travel into the country to enjoy the bush.  Our local dam is just the best, the bush in the city.  We all love it.  The kids love building the fire and cooking breakfast, chased by marshmallows.  They love swimming and running and building cubbies from sticks and branches.  I love that they are happy to paddle  on boards, boats. canoes - whatever is available, endlessly.  I love that it's a taste of the Swallows and Amazons childhood that I had.  I love that they are free and wild.  I love that at the end of the day they are filthy from fun. I love that I get to sit and crochet for ages.  I love that I can chat with friends drinking endless cuppas boiled up in the billy can by willing adventurers.
Dam it!
Love that dam!


14 August 2012

Blowing in the Wind

We had the windiest wind I've ever seen in Sydney over the weekend.
And I mean WIND.
Real woolly tights and tuck your vest in your knickers stuff.
It started on Friday by blowing the roof off my son's school. I got the call just as I was about to have my pre-Coles shop sushi moment (never shop hungry people).  Off I went to collect him amidst a sea of police, fire engines and reporters, without my food shopping.  So to top off a 'no food for dinner in the house' situation we had a power failure.  Big excitement - HUGE.  Friends with no food and no power came over and we ordered pizza eaten by candlelight.  Stuff childhood is made off.   A power cut isn't a power cut without  murder in the dark and the sound of smashing things all over the house.  

I was not going anywhere on Saturday!  Him Indoors scored the double soccer whammy.
The Fairy and me hit the baking - hard.

I am completely knackered this morning, but loved the Olympic closing replay last night. 
Hmmmm - Madness.
London I love you!
Looking forward to getting to bed on time, after 2 weeks of late nights glued to the TV - (and snacks).


[Smashing things: Picture frame and tub of pencils]

09 August 2012

My Creative Space

Lily's blanket.
Neopolitan with Raspberry Sauce

It's been posted and received and is much loved.  Phew, it was one of those ones I didn't think I was going to finish.

My Creative Space has moved since I last joined in.
It's here.
There is an assignment for this week.
Tips for Creativity
Hmmmm .....
I wish I could share something clever and really useful.
The only thing I would say is,
just crack on throughout everything else.
I'm prone to procrastinate and have to push myself to just
Make A Start
and the rest seems to follow.


06 August 2012

Shooting In The Kitchen

I've been practising a lot.  Shooting photos that is.  Anywhere I can, which is usually in the kitchen, because that is where I seem to be, a lot.  And of The Fairy, because that is who I seem to be with, a lot. Now I do not live in a show home, it is an OK house, but it is not an attractive house and there is nothing I can do about it because it is not ours.  The beauty of shooting in manual learnt from Tim Coulson and Scott McGale, is that I can make the kitchen all kind of a blurrrr, so you can't even tell - love that. And don't you think the green of the Palmolive on the window sill adds a certain something?

Back to the Olympics for me.