14 August 2012

Blowing in the Wind

We had the windiest wind I've ever seen in Sydney over the weekend.
And I mean WIND.
Real woolly tights and tuck your vest in your knickers stuff.
It started on Friday by blowing the roof off my son's school. I got the call just as I was about to have my pre-Coles shop sushi moment (never shop hungry people).  Off I went to collect him amidst a sea of police, fire engines and reporters, without my food shopping.  So to top off a 'no food for dinner in the house' situation we had a power failure.  Big excitement - HUGE.  Friends with no food and no power came over and we ordered pizza eaten by candlelight.  Stuff childhood is made off.   A power cut isn't a power cut without  murder in the dark and the sound of smashing things all over the house.  

I was not going anywhere on Saturday!  Him Indoors scored the double soccer whammy.
The Fairy and me hit the baking - hard.

I am completely knackered this morning, but loved the Olympic closing replay last night. 
Hmmmm - Madness.
London I love you!
Looking forward to getting to bed on time, after 2 weeks of late nights glued to the TV - (and snacks).


[Smashing things: Picture frame and tub of pencils]

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Catherine said...

Oh my it's sounds like you've been having some crazy weather down there. I saw the news about the school that lost it's roof, I can imagine the excitement in the air at school. I still love a good black out with all the lights off, and the quietness that falls over the neighbourhood. Those cupcakes look very pretty, I love the icing colour and the sprinkles on top:) x