06 August 2012

Shooting In The Kitchen

I've been practising a lot.  Shooting photos that is.  Anywhere I can, which is usually in the kitchen, because that is where I seem to be, a lot.  And of The Fairy, because that is who I seem to be with, a lot. Now I do not live in a show home, it is an OK house, but it is not an attractive house and there is nothing I can do about it because it is not ours.  The beauty of shooting in manual learnt from Tim Coulson and Scott McGale, is that I can make the kitchen all kind of a blurrrr, so you can't even tell - love that. And don't you think the green of the Palmolive on the window sill adds a certain something?

Back to the Olympics for me.



Catherine said...

Very pretty shots of your little girl. You got to love that blur in the background:) It's fun taking lots of photos, I think I'm a bit taken with this photography thing. x

iheartsunnydays said...

Great shots, and your little girl is beautiful - love her dimples :)

Cathie said...

gorgeous shots! love a good blur, makes everything look good ♥

Nicole Sanders said...

Blurring tool is fabulous, miss fairy beautifully highlighted:)