09 August 2012

My Creative Space

Lily's blanket.
Neopolitan with Raspberry Sauce

It's been posted and received and is much loved.  Phew, it was one of those ones I didn't think I was going to finish.

My Creative Space has moved since I last joined in.
It's here.
There is an assignment for this week.
Tips for Creativity
Hmmmm .....
I wish I could share something clever and really useful.
The only thing I would say is,
just crack on throughout everything else.
I'm prone to procrastinate and have to push myself to just
Make A Start
and the rest seems to follow.



Kylie said...

Beautiful and just like a tub of old fashion Neopolitan. I remember fighting over the flavours with my brother and sisters (no-one wanted vanilla!)

Claire said...

Hey Carmel that blanket is just gorgeous and no doubt will be loved for many years to come.
It's definitely making me feel hungry.........

Claire :}

Anonymous said...

Your blanket is beautiful - love the colours!

Fay said...

Gorgeous! Love the colours.

m.e (Cathie) said...

such gorgeous colours Carmel! definitely edible Neapolitan and made with lots of love.

Fruitful Fusion said...

Such gorgeous colours! I love the name. Reminds me of childhood summers!

Flotsam Friends said...

It's really divine Carmel. It's edible! Pxxx

Nat said...

Wow it's so beautiful!

Nicole Sanders said...

Looks beautiful. I find that sometimes its getting a project started but once it start it flows:)