30 May 2011

Kakadu Dreaming

Sunset Overlooking Nourlangie Rock

Walking Around Nourlangie Rock

Yellow River Wetland Boat Trip

It's been a while.
I have had a few problems logging in to Blogger,
since it suffered a major hiccup a few weeks ago.
I have not been able to access the posting tab of my dashboard,
or leave comments on other blogs.
I am hoping that is behind me now.
Fingers crossed.

It's wet and wild in Sydney today.
The Fairy and I walked to school through the hail this morning.
Loaded down with wellies and macintoshes,
we were a little bit late, as I decided not to leave the house
until the thunder and lightening stopped.

Our trip to the Northern Territory seems light years away from this weather.
Only a month ago we were walking through the heat of Kakadu
discovering the land of ancient tribes,
and riding on sunset boat cruises.

I am hoping to have a productive week.
We have pulled the house apart,
had a garage sale, donated, done a run to the tip.
It's a liberating feeling and I am ready to move on.

Happy Monday to you all.
What are your plans for the week?


19 May 2011

My Creative Space

Another WIP.
This is the blanket for my son,
ordered to match his Miami Dolphins room theme.
Although it is now really steaming along,
I keep checking he is still a top fan.
It is going to be enormous.
I got a bit carried away with the foundation row,
and overcompensated for the chevron pattern.
Oh well it will be lovely and snugly.
Not sure that it will actually be ready for
the end of winter.

Click Here
to see some more creations.


17 May 2011


On our way to Kakadu National Park,
we stopped and hopped on board
The Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise.
'Guaranteed crocodile spotting'.
And indeed these creatures heard
the boat engines and made their way out of
the shelter of the banks
to jump for dangled meat.
Wild and untamed, but creatures of habit.
I reckon they can tell the time
by the boats.
The wild kites also recognise the engines,
and fly past to pick up thrown pieces of meat.
The kids loved the whole thing,
and I love that they loved it.

Have a happy Tuesday.

15 May 2011

My Lost Creative Space

Blogger had a major dummy spit last Thursday.
My original post was lost along with all
the lovely comments.
 I was unable to log on to my blogger ID
and leave comments
on anyone else's.
Please accept apologies for not getting back to you
and thank you for your comments
I always love to read them.

I am hoping that all is up and running properly again.

This is the hexagon blanket started last November

Kirsty at Kootoyoo
has set up a whole new blog
for the Creative Space sharing scene
pop by and have a wander.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


09 May 2011

Darwin Colour

More of Darwin today.
Saturday is Parap Market day.
A bustling hub of food and bits and pieces.

Man O Mine took the kids off for an hour,
so I could have a wander on my own.

A must for your Darwin itinerary.

Happy Monday

04 May 2011

Top End

We had the BEST time in the Northern Territory.
It's a crazy place, the last frontier.
Here's a glimpse of relaxing Darwin style.
The first couple of days were spent around the pool
and feeding the fish at Aquascene.
This was a  favourite with both hubby and kids.

Lots more to come.