30 May 2011

Kakadu Dreaming

Sunset Overlooking Nourlangie Rock

Walking Around Nourlangie Rock

Yellow River Wetland Boat Trip

It's been a while.
I have had a few problems logging in to Blogger,
since it suffered a major hiccup a few weeks ago.
I have not been able to access the posting tab of my dashboard,
or leave comments on other blogs.
I am hoping that is behind me now.
Fingers crossed.

It's wet and wild in Sydney today.
The Fairy and I walked to school through the hail this morning.
Loaded down with wellies and macintoshes,
we were a little bit late, as I decided not to leave the house
until the thunder and lightening stopped.

Our trip to the Northern Territory seems light years away from this weather.
Only a month ago we were walking through the heat of Kakadu
discovering the land of ancient tribes,
and riding on sunset boat cruises.

I am hoping to have a productive week.
We have pulled the house apart,
had a garage sale, donated, done a run to the tip.
It's a liberating feeling and I am ready to move on.

Happy Monday to you all.
What are your plans for the week?



Cathie said...

you are definitely having a busy week!
blogger has been difficult lately, keeps asking to sign in again..and again.

gorgeous pics of your adventure away, I'd love to go there again with the kids this time.
happy week to you Carmel ♥

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Oh wow!!!! such beautiful images xox

Anonymous said...

Fabulous way to capture your trip, such lovely photos. This week I wil be keeping a very close eye on next door's garage roof!! Thank for visiting and leaving a comment . x

Anonymous said...

Last comment was from me - Beth (welsh girl) I don't know why it's showing as anon . x

The Moerks said...

Carmel, your collages are beautiful and bring back so many happy memories. We did a family trip last year and visited those places. I wish we were back there now. It is so cold down south. Blogger has been very naughty of late!