28 October 2010

My Creative Space

Many years ago I went to live Italy.  Because I wanted to and I could.  Beware the love affair with Italy, I've heard said.  So true.  I was bewitched.  I fell in love.  With the language, the food and the vibrance of just living.  Even now I sometimes dream in Italian and find it strange not to be there when I wake up.  It's fair to say I immersed myself in Italian.  I was incredibly fortunate to land in Florence, a beacon for foreign (English speaking) students to learn Italian.  For this reason there is an under culture of Englishness.  Although I did occasionally find myself at the Red Garter, which was the drinking hole for foreigners, I spent most of my time with Italians, speaking Italian extremely badly (much to their amusement), until one day I was speaking Italian pretty well, thank you very much.  Over two years I must have eaten my way through mountains of pasta and ice cream.  Possibly the two biggest loves of my life - Sshh don't tell my husband.  A few years ago when I bought my Kitchenaid (with my tax return) I found out how easy it is to make pasta.  Now not only am I an addict, but the whole family.
This week I had a craving and made lasagne.  I used ricotta instead of making the besciamela sauce.  Firstly because it's quick and secondly because it's a lot lighter on the palette.  I just grated some nutmeg through and bob's your uncle.,

Over to Kootooyoo, to see some creative people in action.


25 October 2010

London: 2

The last of the V&A shots.
One of my favourites is Karl Lagerfield's Piano Dress.
We are taking delivery of a piano tomorrow for Miss O.
Donated by friends,
who are now empty nesters.
A task for this week is to find a piano tutor.

The Milan Collection

Hoping you all have a fabulous week.

16 October 2010

London: Part One

I'm Back!
Back to my hubby, children, horrendus jet lag and my little neglected blog.
My Dad is much better and up and running on his own.
I am so grateful I was able to spend that time with him.
My sister and nieces got a big look in too. 
I miss them all.

 Victoria & Albert Museum

The Cafe and Main Entrance

Alexander McQueen from Summer 2010 collection

Catherine Walker RIP
Lady Di's 'Elvis' Dress
and beautiful evening gown

My niece (Miss M) had an inset (pupil free) day last Friday.  She is also my godchild and we had an absolutely fabulous day out together.  First stop the V&A.  Miss M is choosing her subjects for GCSE's this year.   Being interested in Design and Textiles, The Fashion Gallery was the perfect exhibit.  This has always been a favourite for me.  More of the day in later posts.

Good to be back
Have a great weekend!

01 October 2010


Autumn in London.

Just popped in to say 'Hello'.
A week of appointments with my Dad
and a few catch up coffees with friends.
Missing my little people painfully.
My 'little' man turned 13 yesterday.
He had a great day at baseball camp
Missing my 'big' man, he's coping admirably.
Managing to get lots done for my Dad.
He will be up and running by the time I leave.