01 October 2010


Autumn in London.

Just popped in to say 'Hello'.
A week of appointments with my Dad
and a few catch up coffees with friends.
Missing my little people painfully.
My 'little' man turned 13 yesterday.
He had a great day at baseball camp
Missing my 'big' man, he's coping admirably.
Managing to get lots done for my Dad.
He will be up and running by the time I leave.



Melissa said...

they will all be sooo happy to have you home...esp your teenager!
but spoil your dad...enjoy your time together and then head back to spring with a happy heart that you and your dad have had a wonderful and rare time together...

have you got your son something totally cool and london now he's a teen!!??

melissa xx

Unknown said...

Awww, happy belated birthday to him! I love Autumn, my favorite season! Enjoy your Monday! XX!

Catherine said...

Welcome back Carmel. I'm glad to hear you are back home safely with your lovely family and that you were able to go and help your Dad get better and on his feet. Enjoy some rest. xo

Barbara Photography said...

very nice!