23 September 2010

London Love

I've unexpectedly found myself back in London for a few weeks.
My old Dad has not been well and needs a bit of a hand.
That wonderful hubby of mine booked me a ticket and sent me on
my way.  Meanwhile he is holding the fort, managing to work from home,
and keep on top of the laundry and catering.
My Dad's computer is something of a dinosaur,
so I shan't be posting more than the odd post whilst here.
My faithful camera is going everywhere with me, so I shall
save some shots for when I'm back in Sydney.
Below are beetroots we picked from my sister's allotment
(a British institution) on Sunday.
Today my sister and I had lunch at the Petersham Nursery,
a favourite cyber visit of Shannon Fricke.
We used to go there on Sunday afternoons in our younger days.
We did a wee bit of star spotting - the very pretty lady
from Ashes to Ashes was having coffee there too.
I shall return to posting when I can.
In the meantime my lovely readers are not forgotten,
and I am able to keep up with you all.
Uploading photos is just an incredibly S...L...O...W
Cheers from 'Ol Blighty


mel @ loved handmade said...

How lovely, enjoy your stay..

Sarah said...

Oh London i miss you ... enjoy it all and hope your dad is on the mend

Catherine said...

Enjoy your time over in London. I hope your Dad is getting better. Take care. xo

Melissa said...

keep doing what you are doing honey -it sounds heavenly...

hugs melissa xx

beachvintage.com said...

Take as much time as you need, dad's are precious!

Lilacandgrey said...

Cheers Doll!
Great blog ;)
<3 cara

Unknown said...

Hey Car - lovely having you home for a while - missing you already x come back soon x