05 September 2010

All The Fun of the Fair

These are the cupcakes I made for the fair.  We still don't have the tally, but I do know the curry stall raised over $2,500, which is phenomenal.  The mother who organised that one deserves a round of applause - it's a huge task.
Meet Vanessa.
Miss O had $20 saved to spend at the fair.  I bought them both the prepaid armbands for the rides, but anything else had to be paid from their own money.
I tried to talk a usually very prudent Miss O out of buying tickets for the toy stall
a) because proceeds did not go to the school but to ride operators
b) because I did not want a 2 foot soft toy in our tiny house
What do you know, we have a new family member.  This is Vanessa keeping a flailing Miss O company on Friday evening after a busy day at athletics carnival and afternoon at the local McDonalds for the after party.
Miss O wondering if she's won a ribbon for that one.
(She didn't win any - but gave it her best shot)
Her outfit is her own interpretation of 'sports wear'.
There is a lot of grey in her wardrobe,
planted by me,
so there is not too much choice there


Catherine said...

The cupcakes look yummy and I like how you put the strawberry and cream lolly on top. It sounds like a great fair and so far the money raised by just that stall is fantastic.

I love grey, and her choices are very cute. I hope she had a good time.

Have a good week Carmel.:)

Melissa said...

lovely to have found you-we have moved here from manly beach and have loved our couple of years so far...

a londoner down under and an aussie in the wilds of the english countryside...


loved your vintage paper bunting...and miss our sydney school spring carnivals!!

melissa x

Unknown said...

Love her bloomers over the leggings! That is too cute, I used to always want to win a toy, too, and I never did! I'm sure she'll look back on it as a fond memory! Love your little world, Carmel, happy to be your newest follower!

Sarah said...

Now that is one cute look...love the grey and the bow is gorgeous. The cupcakes look so good...yum!

Flotsam Friends said...

Hi Carmel, yum!!! You weren't handing those around at 7am were you!! Apparently the school made $30,000. A great effort. Yes, and that curry stall. Fiona always does an amazing job... Love Miss O's outfit. Too cute. She's a very good little God's Eye maker too... Pruxxx