10 September 2010

It's party frenzy here today.
Just boiling up two huge pots for cooking spaghetti.
Miss O has requested her guests play
finding the plastic snake in the bucket of spaghetti game.
Her brother had this at his last party.
I have bought novelty bracelets and rings for them to fish out.
There will be a bucket of warm soapy water on hand
for rinsing off little girls and jewellery.
A batch of cupcakes has just gone in the oven
for the decorating your own cupcake table.
Miss O doesn't ask for a much!!!

Next on the list:
wrap the pass the parcel
visit neighbours and ask to borrow garden furniture (we are already borrowing a carport)
labels for water bottles
cover strawberries in chocolate
make up jelly cups
finish doilie garlands
get 12 year old son to make up playlist for ipod
Make a list for morning chores

Have good weekends everybody


Cathie said...

ummm, need some help!??
i love party prepping, exhausting but sooo much fun.
enjoy. hope your little miss has a great day

Emma said...

I just found you via Sarah and love your blog! Hope she had a lovely party, it sounds fabulous! Emma

Sarah said...

Wow, it is party fever at your house then! Hope everything goes well.

Flotsam Friends said...

Wow Carmel. You've been busy. What an awesome party Miss O is going to have... Far out, imagine what you'll need to do for her 21st... So fun. Enjoy the day and Happy Birthday Miss OO. Pruxxx

Cathie said...

you sound exhausted!
hope the day went well, hope to see some pics.
nighty, night.

Catherine said...

Sounds like there was lots going on here getting ready for the party. All that prepartion will all be worth the effort. xo

Valerie said...

hehe seems like you have the kitchenaid of my dreams !
have you tried some French macarons with it ? this is one of the reasons why I'd love to own one !!!