14 September 2010

Fun & Games

Good old fashioned party games.
Just a taste of the fun.

The tootsies in the water is
a competition to get as many marbles in your team bucket,
picking them out with your toes,
in a minute.

I've been having a bit of fun myself
with Picnik,
introduced to me by m.e.



Bellgirl said...

Aha, I was wondering what the ucks with hooks were for! I had imagined some kind of low-flying bunting, but this looks like much more fun. And you can hang them up to try at the end of the day! ;)

Sarah said...

oh what fun...love the first pic.

Cathie said...

yay!!! your pics look awesome!
looks like a greaT party!
p.s very addictive picnik;)

its simple love said...

Oh how fun! I love good old fashioned kid games. Love what you did with the photos on picnik too. I love that thing.


its simple love said...

p.s Don't forget to enter my lovely little jewelry giveaway when you get the chance ;)


Joyti said...

Aww, how adorable! It looks like fun :)

Valerie said...

so much fun -- both in real life & on picnik !!!

Jeanne Henriques said...

So sweet!!

Glad to hear you are enjoying your time in London Carmel..you brought that Aussie sunshine with you!

Jeanne :)

Melissa said...

morning carmel...love your old-fashioned pickies!!

have a wonderful time in london...autumn really has hit hasn't it!!

hang out with your daddy lots....lunches, walks...

soo glad to hear manly still as gorgeous as i remember it hon....

hope your jet-lag not too bad!

hugs...melissa xx

Cornflakes and Honey said...

Oh wonderful pictures! Looks like you all had a fun time Carmel! :)

Kate said...

Looks like a great party. We are about to head into party season here and if it warms up I'll definitely include the marbles game. Love it.

Catherine said...

What a fun, fun party. I love the games and your pictures capture it beautifully. xo

Libbie said...

LOVE the duckie pond & have always wanted to have one at a party! So cute!