02 September 2010

My Creative Space

Terribly late today.  I've been possessed by migraine for 2 days and have only just surfaced.  As you can imagine not much has been created in that time.  The weekend was totally taken over with our school spring fair, the major fundraiser of the year.  On Saturday I cooked a pot of veggie curry big enough to feed a small village and made cupcakes anyone under the age of 8 could not pass on.
We are still waiting on the final tally, but I think it was all worth the effort.  My two had a super dooper day and fell into bed exhausted, as did I.  My Mr CC came and helped set up the lolly stall, but missed out on all the fun as he flew out to Perth at lunchtime for work.

Today I've just been looking at my vintage sheet collection, which I am slowly building.  A bit of contemplating went on.  I think I need a few more to add to the mix, before I start making a summer quilt for Miss O.  Our local Spotlight now stocks candlewick in the quilting section, so I have this piece ready to go.  I will use this as backing and no filling.  My Miss O is a bit of a nordic creature, and doesn't like heavy bedding.

 I picked up this tablecloth on my trip to Berrima last month, with the intention of cutting it into patches for quilts.  After I washed it and it came up beautiful and sparkly, I decided that it is going to be our outdoor tablecloth this year.  It really would be criminal to cut it up.

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Chicken Willow said...

Looks like it will be a lovely quilt.

I love the table cloth, and Berrima, such a nice place.

Flotsam Friends said...

Hi Carmel, those sheets are to die for. What amazing colours. Pruxxx

Catherine said...

Beautiful fabric that will surely look lovely in a quilt. I hope that you are feeling better after having a migrane, they are horrible to have. Have a great weekend. xo

Snooze said...

hang the creative space sometimes when you had such a nice weekend ... although the migraine was a terrible price to pay. I was in your neck of the woods last week (Lake Macquarie) and it's so beautiful where you live. I quite envy you. I hope you're feeling nuch better and good luck with the vintage sheet collecting ... be patient and keep looking. I love the orange 80s patterned one. I think I have one similar.
My Creative Space

Bellgirl said...

Oooh the tablecloth one is definitely a keeper! I like the ingredients for your quilt!