31 October 2011


Busy sewing up a Halloween costume for The Fairy.

One of my favourite autumn celebrations
(northern hemisphere)
It's still very odd for me to go trick or treating
in the light, wearing little more than shorts and t-shirt.

The Fairy has been invited to a friend's for a party
followed by trick or treating.
I won't be joining her this year, as it clashes with Spanish lessons.

I didn't think the 14 year old in the house would be interested.
Got that wrong.
He put in an order for a Zorro costume last night.
Too Late!
He will have to be happy with a nerd pack from the $2 shop.
Zorro was reaching $50 at the fancy dress shop.
Of course if I had had enough notice,
I could have put a spectacular something together for him
without breaking the bank.

Off to sort out a something or other for the Fairy head.
Me thinks this is a  glue gun opportunity - yippee!

Are you heading out this evening?
Happy Halloween!


28 October 2011

What was that song ...?

I got a brand new pair of rollerskates ...
(Well not me, The Fairy)

The birthday money from relatives has been spent.
Couldn't wait for Father Christmas.
I rather fancy a pair myself.
I always wanted some as a child.
We shared a 3rd hand bike between 3 of us,
so skates were never going to happen.
The Fairy was practicing around the house for an evening.
The next day we had a skate to the park.
She made it all the way back too.

Lots of fun.

We are off to see Mary Poppins tomorrow.
The Fairy and I.
We gave her tickets for her birthday.
We are both as excited as each other.
She picked out her outfit before going to bed last night.
We will have lunch in the city
and a mooch around Zara beforehand.

What are you up to for the weekend?


24 October 2011

Blooming Marvellous Monday

Happy Monday!

This is what you get for 25c
from our driveway flower stall.


19 October 2011


Him Indoors wanted to learn a different language.
His dream is to sail around the globe
and I advised him that Spanish is spoken all over the world
(totally off the top of my head, because he asked and that was the answer I came up with).
He started last term, but work commitments meant he only attended two classes.
He deferred to this term and booked me in as well.

Off we went on Monday evening.
There was a quick dash to the stationary shop on Monday morning,
because; any excuse really.

What fun!
I'm looking forward to next week.

This little package arrived yesterday from
Leah of
I won the giveaway
Yoo Hoo!
Have rarely won anything in my life, so this was an exciting moment for me.
The peanut slab has already been devoured
and the Fairy has her eye on the little flax bag.
The photo does not do justice to the pendant,
it's truly a beautiful piece.
Thanks Leah!

Sydney is just glorious this week.
Hope all yours are going well.