31 October 2011


Busy sewing up a Halloween costume for The Fairy.

One of my favourite autumn celebrations
(northern hemisphere)
It's still very odd for me to go trick or treating
in the light, wearing little more than shorts and t-shirt.

The Fairy has been invited to a friend's for a party
followed by trick or treating.
I won't be joining her this year, as it clashes with Spanish lessons.

I didn't think the 14 year old in the house would be interested.
Got that wrong.
He put in an order for a Zorro costume last night.
Too Late!
He will have to be happy with a nerd pack from the $2 shop.
Zorro was reaching $50 at the fancy dress shop.
Of course if I had had enough notice,
I could have put a spectacular something together for him
without breaking the bank.

Off to sort out a something or other for the Fairy head.
Me thinks this is a  glue gun opportunity - yippee!

Are you heading out this evening?
Happy Halloween!


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