03 November 2011

My Creative Space

In the Round.

I've almost finished this sleep over bag for The Fairy.

I had crocheted a strap to put over it,
but it just didn't seem right.

I've left it alone for a couple of days,
in the hope that I'll come up with
that something right.
I'm leaning heavily towards making it a back pack.

The pattern is based on
Lucy's crochet bag from
I say based, because I came across it on another blog
(sorry, I cannot remember)
and just looked at the picture and decided I could do that.
There was another bag before this one.
It is eNORmous.
That's what just looking does.

For this one I used a smaller hook and less rows in the round before I started
decreasing the stitches.
I have put a drawstring with pom poms through the top.
It is super cute, even if I do say so myself.
Two back pack straps will just finish it off,
keeping the super cute intact, me thinks.

Have a wander here for a view onto a creative world.



Anonymous said...

Looks great, I love the pom poms!

Leonie said...

Looks lovely! Looking forward to seeing the end result :)

Beth said...

Lovely. Being Welsh I was immediately drawn to the red and white bold colours too.

Hannah Bussell said...

Cant wait to see a picture when you're done! :)

amateurartblog.blogspot.com xx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I could never look at something and just wing it. Half the time, I don't even get the patterns exactly right, but practice makes perfect and I keep trying. :) Your project looks great. Best wishes, Tammy

Lina said...

Love your blog, your pics and your crochet.

Greetings from Spain.

Sally said...

Loving the crochet so much. Red and white stripes... fantastic. But you'd expect me to say that since I'm a Sydney Swans supporter!

koralee said...

Pure joy...so much red ...I love it...and who would not like pom poms soooo adorable. xoxox

Melissa said...

You are just sooo clever Carmel- love the stripes and have no idea how you can then crochet and attache straps- honestly you should be selling all this amazing stuff honey....for mama's like me that just cannot, for some reason, add crochet to our list of creative achievements!!

melissa (Miss Sew & So)

Fiona said...

gorgeous. we have a lover of pom poms in our house too. though this is waaaay outta my league

Fiona said...

thank you so much for my crochet lesson this morning. your beautiful blankets are inspiring and a little daunting

MIke said...

The poms poms are my favorite part.