27 January 2011

My Creative Space

The first of 2011.

It is always with disappointment that I greet the end of the school holidays.  Australia Day, 26 January, signals the imminent close to worry and rush free days, spent swimming, eating late, sleeping late and crocheting by the water.  Yesterday was a scorcher here on the Northern Beaches, we set up camp early at the dam and stayed cool all day in the water.  My favourite kind of day.  It is something of a marathon effort to pack up for the day;  food and drinks to feed a small army, kayaks and various water boards, suncreams, swimmers, towels and one chair for me.  We had a great day with friends, building the fire to cook our vittles and swimming, swimming, swimming, paddling, paddling, paddling.
Poor Man o'Mine was on a flight to Perth at 6am in the morning for a meeting and missed the fun.  Luckily with my kiddos it's a case of  have water will play happily - which means I got to get up close and personal with my crochet hook and some wool my mother-in-law gave me while we were in Victoria.  I am making a throw to give back to her, for those chilly winter evenings on Bells Beach.  She must have originally bought all that wool as she liked the colours and just never got round to making anything with them.

Time to take a deep breath before crazy starts again next week.
Miss O is back to school on Monday.

I hope all of you had a fabulous summer hols.
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17 January 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal Auction - Have a Heart Bunting


Here are my Have A Heart Bunting for auction.

Handmade in natural fibres, sewn together last night.
They will be pressed before posting - had to deal with
an unwell 7 year old throughout the night.
The heart motif was crocheted using a pattern from

Bunting length is 2m and each banner is approx 15cm square.
Made with love and hope.

How this auction works:

  1. Bidding starts at $5.00 (Australian) on this item.
  2. Place your bid by leaving a comment on this post - stating your bid amount and your email address.
  3. Your bid must be in whole dollar increments and higher than the previous bid.
  4. If you do not have a blog but would like to bid, email me at carmelscloset@gmail.com and I will bid on your behalf.
  5. This auction is open to Australian and overseas bidders.  Postage is free.
  6. The auction is starts now and ends at midnight on Monday 24 January (Sydney time).
  7. At auction close I will contact the winner.  Please ensure all bids include an email address.
  8. The winner will pay the winning amount to the Queensland Premiers Flood Relief Appeal , and provide me with the receipt number.  Once I receive the receipt number I will dispatch the bunting.
  9. Happy bidding and thank you for your participation.

If you would like to make a donation but do not wish to bid, you can do so here.

Thank you to Toni from Make It Perfect for organising this fund raiser.


12 January 2011

Flood Relief

Toni from Make It Perfect is rallying  the crafting blogworld to raise funds for the Queensland flood victims through auctions.  The extent of the flooding and devestation in the region is truly heartbreaking.  My thoughts are with the families who have lost and are missing loved ones.  Many families are also suddenly homeless and without basic commodities.  I am stunned every time I see a news update. 
I will be burning the midnight oil tonight to make a little something to auction through this blog.
Auction date is 17 January.

A sombre moment.

07 January 2011

New Year and Other Things

As the sun went down on the 12 Apostles,
so it slid down behind the sea  to mark the end of 2010.

This photo was taken during a night away with hubby at Port Campbell.
He spent 3 days hiking and backpack camping the Great Ocean Walk.
We rendezvoused at the 12 Apostles visitors centre on completion.
He did amazingly well - so proud of him.  I opted out of this particular trip,
but would love to walk some of it in the future, armed with decent boots
and light weight gear.

We are home from Victoria, having spent Christmas with family.
An early departure was made by the Emerald contingent
as they raced back to Queensland to sandbag their house
and stack belongings on bricks.
Luckily the water lapped at the fence line all around
but evaded the building.

After a cool fortnight in Victoria
(except an excruciating 40 degree NYE)
we returned a wet and muggy Sydney ...
and ... drum roll ...
a new computer.
I will treat this new arrival with love
and tenderness in the hope that it will last longer than
the two years of its predecessor.

So hopefully I am back in blogland and would like to
wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous 2011.