07 January 2011

New Year and Other Things

As the sun went down on the 12 Apostles,
so it slid down behind the sea  to mark the end of 2010.

This photo was taken during a night away with hubby at Port Campbell.
He spent 3 days hiking and backpack camping the Great Ocean Walk.
We rendezvoused at the 12 Apostles visitors centre on completion.
He did amazingly well - so proud of him.  I opted out of this particular trip,
but would love to walk some of it in the future, armed with decent boots
and light weight gear.

We are home from Victoria, having spent Christmas with family.
An early departure was made by the Emerald contingent
as they raced back to Queensland to sandbag their house
and stack belongings on bricks.
Luckily the water lapped at the fence line all around
but evaded the building.

After a cool fortnight in Victoria
(except an excruciating 40 degree NYE)
we returned a wet and muggy Sydney ...
and ... drum roll ...
a new computer.
I will treat this new arrival with love
and tenderness in the hope that it will last longer than
the two years of its predecessor.

So hopefully I am back in blogland and would like to
wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous 2011.



Melissa said...

happy new year sweetie!
i too am just back from what seems like a mad 5 weeks of a full house of 7 of us!!
i'm having my first morning to myself in that time and secretly LOVING it...sitting at the apple and catching up on all you lovely bloggy friends just feels soo indulgent this morning...
i'm hoping by next monday it just feels like part of my happy day again...

beautiful photo...bet it was a magic few days...
melissa xx

make it perfect said...

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