22 February 2013

Around these parts ...

Have you heard of the Hudson's Bay Company Blanket?  I hadn't until I came across this post on Purl Bee.  Inspired by their version, but leaning back towards the original and working in crochet, I've started one for my boy.  He wants a soft blanket to snuggle up under in winter.  The history steeped in adventure, masculine vibe, colour scheme and overall simplicity of this blanket appeals to me completely.  I'm working in a double treble stitch, so the finished fabric will be fluid and wrappable, which is a big departure from the original.  I could have knitted it to achieve the fluidity I'm after, but I'm far too impatient and crochet is so much quicker.

I never met a bobble I didn't love, so when I came across this blanket on Rachele's The Nearsighted Owl, I knew I had to make it.  For anyone who sees my instagram feed, I've been working on this for a few weeks now.  I'm joining in her crochet-along ... bit late to the party, I know.  Like Rachele, I've been using yarn from my stash, in a feeble attempt at reduction.  I did cave and buy orange ... well, it was needed.  My edging isn't as neat as Rachelle's but I'm in love with the texture.  Would love to use this in a soft furnishing project in the round.  If I work out a pattern, I'll post it.  I'm probably about a third of the way through this WIP, so another couple of months to go and it will probably be finished off with chain tassels.  Because I do lurve a tassel.

Thanks for the share Rachele.

Last night I went to this:

I was invited as part of the Sydney ABCD (Artists + Bloggers + Crafters + Designers) meet up, organised by clever ladies Lisa from The Red Thread and Steph from Bondville. My media role was over-exaggerated by my badging and although it did allow me take photos with permission from the sellers, I was very aware of getting in the way of any business deals and was more than happy to soak up the surrounds.  One of my favourite stall installations was Down to the Woods, with their canopy of pom poms, being the pom pom lover that I am ... up there with all things bobbly.  There was all kinds of lovely everywhere.  Thanks to Lisa and Steph for organising a great evening and it was super meeting other bloggers and crafters in an inspiring environment.

Onwards to the weekend.

What's in store for you?