15 December 2010

Temporary Interruption to Broadcast

I thought my computer had a little problem.
(see last post re: problem uploading photos),
I thought I would have it home with me in a couple of days.
I thought I would be merrily blogging
and creating photos for Christmas cards.
I thought very wrong.
The news that it would not be returning home was alarming.
I have, I believe, found a replacement,
that doesn't completely throw the pre-Christmas budget.
I am hoping to bring my new friend home tomorrow.
I am hoping to be back blogging and playing around with my photos,
for at least a couple of days before we head south for Christmas.

Hubby has returned from an overseas trip with the laptop,
but I really don't enjoy the keyboard or lack of mouse.

I have not been idle.
Bunting orders have been taken and completed.
Santa sacks have been decorated (after only 4 years).
Award ceremonies, ballet recitals and piano recitals
have been attended (all with copious use of man size tissues).
Fairy cakes have been baked, decorated and delivered to various
end of year celebrations and festivities.
Miles of sun lotion has been swathed on little bodies for
trips to the beach and pool parties.
Christmas lights have been visited and oohed and aahed over.

I am glad to see everyone is still blogging along while I have been away.
Making a coffee to sit down and catch up a little.

Hope you are all enjoying your run up to Christmas.


PS.  I loved the BBC test card when I was little.
I wished and wished I was the girl in the circle (?!)

25 November 2010

My Creative Space

... literally.
This is where I was at 8.00am this morning.
Me, my crochet hook and a hexagon or two.
Waiting for the Fairy while she had her piano lesson.
Which, by the way, are going extremely well
(3 so far).
She is counting the days to the Christmas recital,
as she is bell No Five in Jingle Bells.

I had a better picture, but am having trouble uploading at the moment.
This is one that I played around with on Piknick
(does that count as creative ?)
and it's the only one that will upload.

A quiet one today.
Let us pause a moment for the mining families
in New Zealand.

Hop over to here for some beautiful spaces.


22 November 2010

Pardon My Greek

Here is one of my favourite local spots.
I always turn the corner and think I have
travelled back in time and
have found myself espadrille clad roaming
the little streets of Skiathos
in the depths of the Greek Islands
(looking for a felafel stuffed pitta bread)

A further walk around the corner
and it's confirmed that I am indeed
in True Blue territory down under ...

But a backward glance
and I'm almost in Hawaii.

I had a lovely lunchtime here with Pru
of Flotsam Friends last week
To go off on a completely different tangent.
I wish I could change my picture size with click and drag
in editor.  Given the choice of small, medium, large X-large,
large is too small and X-large (above) is too big
any hints?

Have a great week all.


18 November 2010

My Creative Space

 Phoff! Where did the week go?!
I've pulled my fabric stash apart
and gathered together some ingredients
to make some Christmas stockings.
My inspiration came from this Christmas Things pattern,
picked up at the Op Shop the other day.
My challenge will be making at least one by Christmas Eve
Loving hessian at the moment.
It brings memories of holidays in the Greek Islands flooding back.
It's the espadrille connection - the smell and texture.
Scary how my mind works, I know.
I rescued this piece off the top of a friends' skip,
due to travel to the dump the next day.
I was as happy as Larry.
This was used on a special project that
someone asked me to work with them.
All to be revealed in the New Year.
Having served its purpose in one piece,
it is now destined for other things,
which include the string crochet flowers.
I'm looking forward to this one.
This project is a commission I will be parting with,
but I will be making more for me if it turns out how I envisage

Tune in here for some clever clogs.


16 November 2010

Midnight Visitor

The tooth fairy came to our house again last week.
The preparation of appropriate tooth is a ritual I adore.
My own fairy made a tiny origami envelope to place the tooth into.
She made a larger envelope with a letter.
A little copper pot big enough to hold a coin was prepared with
wool scraps, so the fairy would not make a noise when said coin
was dropped in.
I convinced her to place all the above on her dresser
next to her bed, instead of under her pillow.
I had visions of the tooth fairy trying desperately to locate
all the items in silence, in the dark, without prodding
sleeping toothless child.
Apples are currently being cut up for consumption.

Hope you're all having a lovely week out there.

11 November 2010

My Creative Space

Saturday was rainy and miserable.
A perfect day for sitting in front of the computer.
Looking for tutorials and how tos.
These hexagons from Meet Me At Mikes are addictive.

I was thinking cushion cover ...
but they are breeding like wildflower,
so possibly a throw.
I will have to head back to google and You Tube
for ideas on how to edge the final product.

I found this little frame on Coco Rose Textiles.
Originally from Lola Nova.
Waiting for pay day,
to order some yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills.
I have a feeling these will be addictive too.
I raided Miss Fairy's jewellery stash
looking for bangles, of which there should have been many.
I do believe there must have been a secret cull
by the Lone Dad when I was in England.
I used a scoobie wrapped round twice,
so that explains the wonky middle. 
It's also not quite right on the edging either,
as I made this in the car on the way to the
opening of the Australian Baseball League
on Saturday night.

Red pipe cleaner is one of Miss Fairy's
many pipe cleaner creations made on Saturday.
I just borrowed it for a bit of colour.

Thursday is the day to check in here.
Happy Creating


09 November 2010

London: Portobello Road

You'd often find me here on Saturdays in my teens
It was funky, vibrant, cool and the place to be.
My niece and I hopped on the tube here after the V&A.
It's been some years since my last visit and I
could not help but be disappointed to see main stream
shops, such as Jack Wills and Cath Kidston,
have made their way onto the Road.
Saving grace was under the flyover on The Green
where the vintage market was happily plonked
for Friday trading.  Phew!
We picked up a few yummy food items
from the street market stalls - still brilliant.
The Spanish grocer is still trading - another Phew!
My niece, not being a vintage sort of gal, like her aunty,
was delighted when I suggest we nip up the road
to White City Westfield.
I explained how this gesture
showed the depths of my love for her.
My idea of torture.
Particularly Hollister - little brother of Abercrombie & Fitch.
I fought my way through the dark, after shave laden air
to purchase her birthday present,
then plonked on their very comfy easy chair in the entrance
in some natural daylight to wait for Miss M to reappear from
the din.

I think my younger niece will be much more a vintage trolling
sort of teenager - aah - next trip.


05 November 2010

The Piano

We have a piano.
We have a tutor.
We have an enthusiastic 7 year old.
We have nice neighbours
- for the moment.

Happy Weekend

01 November 2010


Welcome to Scardey Cat Alley!

Growing up Halloween was one of my favourite times of year.
It was up there with Christmas and Easter.
Halloween started as an Irish tradition and was taken
to America with the Irish immigrants.
I'm from an Irish family,
although we just skipped across to London.
Halloween was a big deal in our house.
My Nana sent a cake called Barn Brack every year.
It had lucky and not so lucky charms to tell your
fortune for the following year.
We had a special dinner and yummy pudding with Barn Brack.
We played games like apple bobbing.
We didn't go trick or treating, as that just wasn't done
in London back then.

Yesterday we went down to Scardey Cat Alley.
My friend Shelley builds a Halloween extravaganza
down the side of her house for the neighbourhood
children (and adults) each year.
It is fabulous!
We were still sitting around the chiminera
in the street with her neighbours
at 10pm last night.
All a bit tired today.

Happy Monday

28 October 2010

My Creative Space

Many years ago I went to live Italy.  Because I wanted to and I could.  Beware the love affair with Italy, I've heard said.  So true.  I was bewitched.  I fell in love.  With the language, the food and the vibrance of just living.  Even now I sometimes dream in Italian and find it strange not to be there when I wake up.  It's fair to say I immersed myself in Italian.  I was incredibly fortunate to land in Florence, a beacon for foreign (English speaking) students to learn Italian.  For this reason there is an under culture of Englishness.  Although I did occasionally find myself at the Red Garter, which was the drinking hole for foreigners, I spent most of my time with Italians, speaking Italian extremely badly (much to their amusement), until one day I was speaking Italian pretty well, thank you very much.  Over two years I must have eaten my way through mountains of pasta and ice cream.  Possibly the two biggest loves of my life - Sshh don't tell my husband.  A few years ago when I bought my Kitchenaid (with my tax return) I found out how easy it is to make pasta.  Now not only am I an addict, but the whole family.
This week I had a craving and made lasagne.  I used ricotta instead of making the besciamela sauce.  Firstly because it's quick and secondly because it's a lot lighter on the palette.  I just grated some nutmeg through and bob's your uncle.,

Over to Kootooyoo, to see some creative people in action.


25 October 2010

London: 2

The last of the V&A shots.
One of my favourites is Karl Lagerfield's Piano Dress.
We are taking delivery of a piano tomorrow for Miss O.
Donated by friends,
who are now empty nesters.
A task for this week is to find a piano tutor.

The Milan Collection

Hoping you all have a fabulous week.

16 October 2010

London: Part One

I'm Back!
Back to my hubby, children, horrendus jet lag and my little neglected blog.
My Dad is much better and up and running on his own.
I am so grateful I was able to spend that time with him.
My sister and nieces got a big look in too. 
I miss them all.

 Victoria & Albert Museum

The Cafe and Main Entrance

Alexander McQueen from Summer 2010 collection

Catherine Walker RIP
Lady Di's 'Elvis' Dress
and beautiful evening gown

My niece (Miss M) had an inset (pupil free) day last Friday.  She is also my godchild and we had an absolutely fabulous day out together.  First stop the V&A.  Miss M is choosing her subjects for GCSE's this year.   Being interested in Design and Textiles, The Fashion Gallery was the perfect exhibit.  This has always been a favourite for me.  More of the day in later posts.

Good to be back
Have a great weekend!

01 October 2010


Autumn in London.

Just popped in to say 'Hello'.
A week of appointments with my Dad
and a few catch up coffees with friends.
Missing my little people painfully.
My 'little' man turned 13 yesterday.
He had a great day at baseball camp
Missing my 'big' man, he's coping admirably.
Managing to get lots done for my Dad.
He will be up and running by the time I leave.


23 September 2010

London Love

I've unexpectedly found myself back in London for a few weeks.
My old Dad has not been well and needs a bit of a hand.
That wonderful hubby of mine booked me a ticket and sent me on
my way.  Meanwhile he is holding the fort, managing to work from home,
and keep on top of the laundry and catering.
My Dad's computer is something of a dinosaur,
so I shan't be posting more than the odd post whilst here.
My faithful camera is going everywhere with me, so I shall
save some shots for when I'm back in Sydney.
Below are beetroots we picked from my sister's allotment
(a British institution) on Sunday.
Today my sister and I had lunch at the Petersham Nursery,
a favourite cyber visit of Shannon Fricke.
We used to go there on Sunday afternoons in our younger days.
We did a wee bit of star spotting - the very pretty lady
from Ashes to Ashes was having coffee there too.
I shall return to posting when I can.
In the meantime my lovely readers are not forgotten,
and I am able to keep up with you all.
Uploading photos is just an incredibly S...L...O...W
Cheers from 'Ol Blighty

14 September 2010

Fun & Games

Good old fashioned party games.
Just a taste of the fun.

The tootsies in the water is
a competition to get as many marbles in your team bucket,
picking them out with your toes,
in a minute.

I've been having a bit of fun myself
with Picnik,
introduced to me by m.e.


13 September 2010

Party & Cupcakes

THE party was a raging success.
Above is one of the towering cupcakes created.
There was a lot of icing.  A lot of debris.
A lot of laughter, noise and screaming.
There was a lot of F.U.N.
which makes it all worth it.

10 September 2010

It's party frenzy here today.
Just boiling up two huge pots for cooking spaghetti.
Miss O has requested her guests play
finding the plastic snake in the bucket of spaghetti game.
Her brother had this at his last party.
I have bought novelty bracelets and rings for them to fish out.
There will be a bucket of warm soapy water on hand
for rinsing off little girls and jewellery.
A batch of cupcakes has just gone in the oven
for the decorating your own cupcake table.
Miss O doesn't ask for a much!!!

Next on the list:
wrap the pass the parcel
visit neighbours and ask to borrow garden furniture (we are already borrowing a carport)
labels for water bottles
cover strawberries in chocolate
make up jelly cups
finish doilie garlands
get 12 year old son to make up playlist for ipod
Make a list for morning chores

Have good weekends everybody

09 September 2010

Event Planning

The event of the year is fast approaching.
Miss O celebrates her 7th birthday next week.
The party is on Saturday.
Guess what I'm spending the next two days doing.
This year she has 18 guests, I'm not sure how that happened.
I thought we had sent out 12 invites, but apparently not.
A trip to the $2 shop in the morning to get extra packs of party favours.

07 September 2010

More Finished Things

Another 'finished' item.Or rather 2 finished items.
The singlets for the new baby next door.
Finished. Card made. Wrapped and delivered.
Aaah. So sweet. She's so tiny.

05 September 2010

All The Fun of the Fair

These are the cupcakes I made for the fair.  We still don't have the tally, but I do know the curry stall raised over $2,500, which is phenomenal.  The mother who organised that one deserves a round of applause - it's a huge task.
Meet Vanessa.
Miss O had $20 saved to spend at the fair.  I bought them both the prepaid armbands for the rides, but anything else had to be paid from their own money.
I tried to talk a usually very prudent Miss O out of buying tickets for the toy stall
a) because proceeds did not go to the school but to ride operators
b) because I did not want a 2 foot soft toy in our tiny house
What do you know, we have a new family member.  This is Vanessa keeping a flailing Miss O company on Friday evening after a busy day at athletics carnival and afternoon at the local McDonalds for the after party.
Miss O wondering if she's won a ribbon for that one.
(She didn't win any - but gave it her best shot)
Her outfit is her own interpretation of 'sports wear'.
There is a lot of grey in her wardrobe,
planted by me,
so there is not too much choice there