22 November 2010

Pardon My Greek

Here is one of my favourite local spots.
I always turn the corner and think I have
travelled back in time and
have found myself espadrille clad roaming
the little streets of Skiathos
in the depths of the Greek Islands
(looking for a felafel stuffed pitta bread)

A further walk around the corner
and it's confirmed that I am indeed
in True Blue territory down under ...

But a backward glance
and I'm almost in Hawaii.

I had a lovely lunchtime here with Pru
of Flotsam Friends last week
To go off on a completely different tangent.
I wish I could change my picture size with click and drag
in editor.  Given the choice of small, medium, large X-large,
large is too small and X-large (above) is too big
any hints?

Have a great week all.



Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Looks gorgeous! I was only thinking about Greece today...

Chantal said...

Great post.. I was reminiscing of my trip to the Greek Isles for those first 2 shots, I would have believed you were there had I not read on (and that's coming from another northern beaches resident!). We're lucky to live in such an amazing part of the world.

Raine and Sage said...

You're so right Carmel. It looks like Greece and all it needs is a donkey to truly authenticate the image. I'm not surprised you and Pru are friends.
I used to live in Sydney for 7 years and I miss it alot; some of my close friends are in Seaforth and Balgowlah. Maybe one day we meet? (Greek accent - Shirley Valentine Style). :)

k said...

I love your pictures!!

Flotsam Friends said...

Photos look great Carmel. I so love that #5 letterbox. It was great to catch-up. Pruxxx

Maaike said...

Hi Carmel, lovely pictures! I recognize the difficulty you are facing with the picturesize... Depending on the emphasize in your post I would do the pictures large or extra large. In this post it seems the emphasis is on the pictures: so x-l I would say. They are gorgeous.
Oh and thanks for popping by on creJJtion :-)
Love, Maaike

Mel said...

Wow awesome photos! And I wouldn't change the size of your pics at all if I were you. I like them BIG! I upload my photos from flickr and from there you can choose the size ... should you want to change them but again, I do like the larger size. x

Catherine said...

I do love your snaps, beautiful and big and so crisp. I like them. Can you tell me how you got them to look so big and crisp?xo

Unknown said...

So lovely places and pictures!! I really would like to fly away..
Thanks for passying by me and,please,do it again soon!
I follow you.

Jill said...

Lovely photos reminds me of the summer - I love the Greek Islands so laid back and restfull.