01 November 2010


Welcome to Scardey Cat Alley!

Growing up Halloween was one of my favourite times of year.
It was up there with Christmas and Easter.
Halloween started as an Irish tradition and was taken
to America with the Irish immigrants.
I'm from an Irish family,
although we just skipped across to London.
Halloween was a big deal in our house.
My Nana sent a cake called Barn Brack every year.
It had lucky and not so lucky charms to tell your
fortune for the following year.
We had a special dinner and yummy pudding with Barn Brack.
We played games like apple bobbing.
We didn't go trick or treating, as that just wasn't done
in London back then.

Yesterday we went down to Scardey Cat Alley.
My friend Shelley builds a Halloween extravaganza
down the side of her house for the neighbourhood
children (and adults) each year.
It is fabulous!
We were still sitting around the chiminera
in the street with her neighbours
at 10pm last night.
All a bit tired today.

Happy Monday


Little Pinwheel said...

wow! how did I miss this. I am so coming next halloween. you have another two treaters to add to the street. x

Sarah said...

this looks and sounds fantastic...fun!

Kelly said...

Wow sound amazing, fantastic pictures too!

petals and vintage said...

Looks scary to me and sooo much fun!
Pam x

Sarah said...

Love the photo's - sounds like great fun was had by all! We hardly had any trick or treaters last night...!

Daydream Living said...

Hi Carmel,
I'll bet you had a lot of fun! Looks great and what a lovely memories about Halloween. We never celebrated it, but now it is more known here. Enjoy the rest of your..., oh no, you already had your Monday, so enjoy the rest of the evening! Bye! Maureen

koralee said...

Wow...what a lot of work..I bet it was fun.

Happy November. xo

beachvintage.com said...

Looks like a great time. Happy Halloween.

Kaspara said...

Uhuuu!!! Scary pictures and happy people! Have a nice day!

Melissa said...

hello lovely carmel....

the aussie cousins have all been put on the plane after a wonderful holiday and i now have a little morning to catchup on blog hopping!!

loving all your halloween photos and LOVE your story on your life in italy....how wonderful and i totally see why you could immerse yourself for so long...each time we go i love it more...the language is sooo beautiful...

you have inspired me to stop looking at those pasta thingys and to just go buy one for christmas...for my husband... ;)
if it really is that easy i would love to be making our own...

melissa xx

Flotsam Friends said...

Boo to you too!! What a great evening you guys had!! Love your shots. Haven't run into you at school lately. I've been working extra days... We have to do that coffee before the end of term!!!! Pruxxx