05 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

This weekend we made a trip out to Penrith
to the AAA Christmas Tree Farm.
Such choice!
The final decision made, Man O' Mine
donned his tree cutting and carrying shirt
and set to with saw and muscles
to bring home the perfect tree.
This is one of our traditions.
I try to embrace it, even though driving for over an hour
to look for a Christmas tree is totally against my practical self.
I struggle with Christmas preparations when it's hot enough to wear
a bikini and drink icy cocktails,
and not be wearing a woollie pully,
wrapped up in a scarf, sipping cocoa.
I go for the Nutcracker, meets the sea
and manic crafter tree theme.
Each year new bought and handmade ornaments are added to the tree.
This year The Fairy decorated the tree with her Da early on Sunday morning.
Did I mention the house is covered in lights
and lit up like, well, a Christmas tree?
We are truly the Griswalds.