28 February 2012


We have new family members.

Meet Bruce and Boris
(could be Brucette and Borissa in the future).

Mr T has been a reptile licence holder for some years now,
minus the reptiles.

I honestly thought the lure had left him,
but he arrived home with these at the weekend.
He has saved up and bought a comfy tank and homely
reptile accessories for his little treasures.

I feel like a bit of a mother hen and have been checking them
constantly throughout the day while he is at school.
On an ironic note, it is not unusual for us to find relatives of these guys
wandering our yard and perimeters on a regular basis.
He loves them - what can I say?

Hope you are all having a wonderful week out there.

16 February 2012

My Creative Space

It's been a while since I joined in
I have not been idle.

A thrifted stool has been covered (not yet painted white)
and a blanket made for a new baby boy neighbour.
I struggled with the colours on this one,
but am so happy with the finished blanket.
I resisted the brown, but love the vintage flavour now it's
all mixed in, giving it a life span beyond babyhood.

The stool cover usually gets worn by one child or another at the kitchen
table and I have received requests for "actual hats".
If one of them paints the stool for me, I'll think about it.

The Fairy has been busy too.  Last weekend we brought a fruit box home
and she has been busy making a house for visiting fairies.

A wash station has been set up on top, to avoid splashes onto the bedding.
Soap has been provided (where did she get that?!)
In a separate tissue box annexe, waits a feast of quail eggs
and fruit shakes for any hungry visiting fairies .

The Fairy went back to school wearing lace ups.
Back to school means back to piano, ballet, basketball and saxophone and
more crochet whilst waiting.
The baby blanket was done in a week.
What to do next?

Happy Creating.


01 February 2012


I haven't been here.

Because I've been here ...

Doing lots of this ...

and this

and a little bit of this

Happy 2012 to you all!