28 February 2012


We have new family members.

Meet Bruce and Boris
(could be Brucette and Borissa in the future).

Mr T has been a reptile licence holder for some years now,
minus the reptiles.

I honestly thought the lure had left him,
but he arrived home with these at the weekend.
He has saved up and bought a comfy tank and homely
reptile accessories for his little treasures.

I feel like a bit of a mother hen and have been checking them
constantly throughout the day while he is at school.
On an ironic note, it is not unusual for us to find relatives of these guys
wandering our yard and perimeters on a regular basis.
He loves them - what can I say?

Hope you are all having a wonderful week out there.


victoria said...

We used to feed ours snails from the garden as a treat.

iheartsunnydays said...

They are sort of cute, but I don;t think I could bring myself to pick them up and let them crawl over me!! Have fun with them :)

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

They are so adorable.