23 June 2011

My Creative Space

It's been Granny Central around here recently.
When I was pregnant with The Fairy I attempted
The Granny  Square.
What I ended up with, couldn't have been less square.
It's taken me a long time to go back there,
and now I just can't stop.
The cushion started out as a project for the
plane journey to Darwin.
The Fairy is completely delighted with the new
addition to her bedroom.
Having completed this,
and loving the colours so much,
I started a blanket for each niece in London.
One is finished - Hooray.
I joined the squares on the last round of each square
and made it up as I went along.
It looks a bit strange I know,
but there's nothing like a bit of texture
and I've learnt how to do it more neatly in future
through the process.
Shipping to London for Christmas is the end of September.
I am determined not to sink into a lull of false security,
and am on a mission to get the second one finished ASAP.

I'm love, love, loving the Granny Square!
Woo Hoo.

I've tried all the suggestions to try and put my inability to leave comments on blogger problem right.
Nothing has worked and I still unable to leave comments on blogs that do not have a separate pop up box for comments, but an embedded comments section on post.
Apologies in advance for all the comments I will not be leaving today.
Be assured I love flitting around and visiting all the creations happening out there.

You can click here to see them for yourself.



LionessLady said...

Love your cushion, especially the colours.

Unknown said...

It's gorgeous!

Steph @HCC said...

Oh love! I don't crochet but everywhere I see granny squares I ooh & ahh. Now I'm collecting them from others to make a blanket so I can enjoy to cuddly-ness of them too! Love your cushion!

Barbina said...

I love your cushion so much, Granny Squares always make me smile!
All the best for you! Barbina

Casey said...

your nieces are lucky girls! the colorful grannies are awesome!

as for the comments, do you see a red line at the bottom after you click publish? I have to click publish at least 3 times the first time I comment on a blogger blog each day, after that I have no problems with other blogs

Leah said...

Wow it looks gorgeous! Fabulous colours. Have a lovely week!

Catherine said...

Your niece is one lady girl to get a gorgeous granny blanket and cushion. I wish I had an auntie that was that clever:) She will love these the colours are perfect for a girl. Have a great week. xo

Melissa said...

hello you...
this is gorgeous to post of to London!
all the rage over here these home made granny blankets...as they are at home i'm sure!!

end of september is end of postage already!!
i've made it each of the three years we've been her but one- it cost me a small -err huge fortune!!!!

thanks for the reminder!!

melissa xx

Cathie said...

wow, wow, wow Carmel, absolutely gorgeous!
I so wish I could granny.

hope all your blogger issues are sorted.

happy creating lovely lady ♥

TrulyJaded said...

I love your colours!! x