09 April 2011

Glue Guns & Recitals

I love glue guns.
And now so does The Fairy.
Last week I missed her Easter Bonnet Piano Recital,
due to the dreaded migraine,
but we had fun putting her bonnet together.
I was the glue gunner, gunning where instructed
and The Fairy was designer and constructor.
There was a pointing finger caught in the crossfire
at one stage, but it was taken with a brave face
and overcome by the determination to finish.
Hubby was able to take her to the event,
and had tears in his eyes.
Oh well next time.

Happy Weekend.


Cathie said...

ohh, what a shame you were sick.
i hope he got lots of pics for you.
sounds like lots of fun was had bonnet constructing!

happy weekend to you Carmel ♥

faith76 said...

The bonnet looks fun , glad you had fun with the glue gun.

Enjoy your weekend. Leah x