10 May 2010

Red Shoes and Parties

Here's Miss O, resplendent in her party glory. Saturday was a back to back party day. Saturday evening bedtime was a disaster. Red shoes are amongst my most favourite of things. I used to dream of red shoes as a child, waking up disappointed once I realised they were not in my waking world. The red shoes on the cover of Tessa Kiros' Apples for Jam were more than I could walk past, without purchasing a copy.

The dress was a Christmas present from my Dad when he visited at Christmas. I love her in it. The shoes were also a present from my Dad when we visited London. He took her to Bally. I suggested he might take me to Bally for a pair of flats too. We ended up in Primark. I do possess the cutest pair of black flats and faux fur mini swing jacket to die for, from that little trip. I am waiting patiently for a touch of winter in Sydney to wear it.

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