28 April 2010

It's A Good Drying Day ...

as my Mum used to say. We are enjoying a never ending summer here in Sydney. Taking advantage of this, I have washed this pair of lovelies that I picked up at a local op shop over a year ago. They were still in their original packaging unopened and screaming out for someone to take them home. Cruelly perhaps, I am going to use them for reinventing purposes. I envisage some new kitchen aprons for starters.

This little pinky purple pillowcase will most likely become a new dress for Miss O.


Lobster and swan said...

these will make great aprons and dresses! What a wonderful find.

I hope writing your blog will make you as happy as It's made me!


Carmel's Closet said...

OMG - I am so excited! I cannot believe YOU have even looked at my humble little blog. I have been absorbed with your wonderful world of all things lovely for 6 months now. I had a moment of doubt today - you have just wiped that away. Lovely to meet you!
I am very wet behind the ears with it all still. But willing to see how it comes alive. Carmel

Flotsam Friends said...

Oh these sheets are so, so divine Carmel. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. You've inspired me to get back to it (I've been slack this year). There is so much - too much beauty out there, everyday not to photograph it and send it out to the world! Love, Prux