23 April 2010

An Autumn in London

Whenever we visit London, a visit to Garsons Farm remains firmly on the top of the list. Located a short drive from my Dad's house, just outside the west of London, we are always delighted with the chance to get down and dirty, and laden with the fruits of our labours, return home for a feast of freshness and deliciousness. So of course on our family trip to London last October, one of the first outings was to this favourite destination. At that time London was enjoying a particularly warm autumn and fortunately for us the strawberry patch still had plenty of fruit for us to enjoy.

Blessed as I am to now live in beautiful Sydney, by the sea and enjoy all our colours, I was amazed to revisit the colours of autumn in good ol' blighty. They took my breath away. During these sunny, crisp days I could smell the promise of winter in the air, all of nature seemed to be preparing itself. One last flourish before what was to be a harsh winter.

The pumpkin patch basking in its glory.

These migrating geese took us by surprise. I was not prepared and screamed out 'Duck!' to my Miss O, who thought that was the biggest joke of all time.
Learning to shuck your own corn ready to pop in the pot when we get home is real living.

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