09 June 2010

It's Been Too Long ...

since I baked bread.
With this thought in my sleepless head, I was in the kitchen at 1.00am on Sunday morning measuring out the flour ready to add water & yeast.  I would have started making the dough, but I use my Kitchenaid and that really would have been a smidgen too loud at that hour.
My munchkins were very excited to have fresh bread for morning tea.
They will not eat any other bread except homemade in virgin bread state, meaning not toasted.  It's a very satisfying feeling, putting something home baked in front of them that gets demolished.  Miss O made her own heart shaped roll with a dough off cut.  She proudly packed it in her bicycle basket on her afternoon ride through the park.


Cornflakes and Honey said...

Oh my goodness, you're the perfect Mummy! I hope they enjoyed it! :-)

Cathie said...

love the smell of homemade bread! i get a bit lazy & don't make it very often.

thanks for popping by Carmel & leaving a sweet word.
hope your day is a happy one ♥