12 June 2010


Last week I had to take my Mr T to a specialist appointment in Northbridge.  I don't venture that way often, it is usually to pay a visit to Tokyo Mart, the Japanese supermarket.  I didn't need to buy any Japanese groceries that particular day, but did pick up a pair of red spotty pot holders for a minimal price and I am very happy with that.

Next door is a childrens' shop and I found this reproduction set of Ladybird books.  I grew up on these.  As the box is shop handled and dog eared, I picked them up for less than half price.  The shop featured in 'IN A BIG STORE' is Bentalls in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.  My family used to go here to make purchases for the home when I was a child, it was a big day out.  I had my ears pierced there when I was 13. It is now a shopping centre with all the high street chains in an atrium space.  There is still a little bit of Bentalls at one end of the building.  I still love a shopping trip to Kingston when I go to England.

Today I partook in a Japanese cooking class at my son's school.  It was a fundraising event organised by the Japanese teacher, to raise funds for an upcoming Year 9 trip to Japan.  We cooked five delicious dishes, tutored by a Japanese friend of the tutor.  I took my camera along, but it was all put onto tables and devoured before I could take any shots.  I will be heading back to Tokyo Mart this week to pick up some ingredients for a Japanese cooking storm at home.


Jeanne Henriques said...

I smile...I was in Bentall's in Kingston today taking advantage of the summer sales!!!

Very small world indeed!!!


Carmel's Closet said...

Jeanne, I think we are living mirrored lives! Did you buy anything in Bentalls? I always like a trip to Primark too. Love Hennes, which i think is called H&M these days. A little drive through Bushey Park always ends the day well.