20 July 2010

Berrima : Part 2

The Quilt Room
This is not the official name, just my name for it.
Still in Peppergreen Antiques.  I did say this was a huge store packed to the rafters.
I was in there a long time.
  Floor to ceiling quilts and linen.  All are lovingly pressed and folded.  As I dally in this room I wonder at the tales these quilts could tell.
My candlewick shots are out of focus, I was shaking with excitement.
Candlewick instills a sense of nostalgia like no other fabric for me.


koralee said...

Soooo beautiful...I can see why you are shaking with excitement my friend..hugs.xoxo

Anonymous said...

How sweet, getting all excited like a child! I wish I could sew so I could make something nice out of these pretty things. Thanks, by the way, for your supportive comment re my car... I'm following.

Leslie said...

I would be shaking with excitement too!!!
Love your photos -this place looks like an inspiring place to escape to!

Lark said...

Oh wow, this is my idea of heaven!