05 August 2010

My Creative Space

Can I learn to knit? asked my Miss O.  Well, maybe we can do that together. I replied.
I give you the fruits of our efforts.
We have been using A Ladybird Book about Knitting, which was in the box set I found a couple of months ago.
We are only up to the garter stitch, deciding to become masters of this before moving on.  I am a fan of the texture of this stitch, so am happy with the decision.
Miss O has opted to make a scarf of a multicoloured nature.
I am working on a patchwork, probably knee throw.  I have now used all my one ball of grey wool I purchased for practise.  I am very proud of my pile of squares.  My skills will never reach the heights of this novice knitter.  I am in awe of her ability.  However, I did achieve the incredible skill of watching a bit of television whilst knitting - true granny style!
The challenge for me will be pattern reading.  To be completely honest, it looks like a maths problem to me.  I am hopelessly BAD at maths.  I'm hoping that my plan to take this in small steps and learn alongside my 6 year old will stand me in good stead.

With this post I am joining in  Kootoyoo found through the lovely m.e.

Happy Thursday to you all!


Catherine said...

What a lovely way to learn to knit, doing it together. I've never seen those books before, they look really sweet. Enjoy the rest of your knitting.

Sarah said...

I am teaching myself to knit too. It looks like you and your daughter are doing so well! Yay for new skills :-)

Morrgan said...

Looking good so far! It's my favourite hobby, so fun. =)

its simple love said...

I am impressed. Good work. I have always wanted to try. You can make the cutest things by knitting yourself!! I was in a knitting store the other day and say an knitted octopus for a child's toy. So cute.


p.s. be sure to check out my giveaway when you get the chance :)

Flotsam Friends said...

Very sweet Carmel. Wow, you can knit and watch TV... You are a pro surely!! Can you imagine us when we're oldies... You knitting, me flotsaming... The mind boggles!! Have a chilled weekend and see you in the playground next week. Pxxx