18 August 2010


Miss O was so taken with the reaction to her cake on my birthday posting.
As a thank you she took these pictures for my blog to share with you.
This is her doll received from Father Christmas last year,
named after Miss O as the resemblance is overwhelming (although now her hair is longer and she flatly refuses to get another bob cut, not so much so).
The shoes are her favourite red party shoes.
She styled the shoot by herself,
and took the photos on her Little Tikes kids camera.
Her 7th birthday is a few weeks away
and I think she is ready to move onto a more grown up camera.
I have started looking and have found a little Samsung
that's reasonably priced and will be easy enough for her to use.

In the mornings Miss O disappears when she is supposed to be putting on shoes, jacket and getting out the door.  I usually find her behind the couch in her little corner creating something or other. How can I be cross when I find little love notes like this in my pocket after I drop her at school.
My sweet little girl.  Love her to bits.


Poppies and Sunshine said...

What cute pictures! When I was a little kid I loved American Girl dolls.
I am glad to know I am not the only one. I hope things get better for you with whatever you have been going through. How great it is when we can have a clean slate though and try things again.

wood & wool stool said...

little notes are the best :)